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Bio-IT World Expo Bound for Europe and Biotechnica

By Bio-IT World staff

April 7, 2009 | For seven years, Bio-IT World has hosted an annual conference and expo in the United States. This fall, it will make its long-awaited debut in Europe in conjunction with Biotechnica 2009.

The initiative is the result of a new partnership between Bio-IT World’s parent organization, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI), and Deutsche Messe, to organize and host two major life science conferences at Biotechnica 2009, which takes place in Hannover, Germany, October 6-8, 2009. The other conference being held is the Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) Europe.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to finally bring the Bio-IT World Conference to Europe, and especially to partner with such a prestigious event as Biotechnica,” said Dr Kevin Davies, Editor-in-Chief of Bio-IT World magazine. “Across the continent, European researchers, pharma companies and start-ups are advancing new ideas and technologies that are driving basic research and drug development. We are truly excited to provide a new forum to bring this talent together.”

CHI and Bio-IT World have been exploring ways to bring the conference onto European soil, while still retaining the flagship Bio-IT event in Boston each spring. The co-location with Biotechnica provides a superb opportunity to host the event in the midst of a well-known trade fair.  The organizers hope that the presence of hundreds of cutting-edge exhibitors and first-rate conference tracks will make for a superb event.

Phillips Kuhl, President and founder of CHI, said: “We have always felt that it was important to the success of CHI to have a stronger European presence, in addition to attracting a number of European exhibitors and attendees to the events that we hold in the U.S.  This collaboration with Biotechnica allows us to be more aggressive in growing within Europe, with very good synergy between what our conferences and Biotechnica provide to help support each other.” 

With the rapid growth in high throughput data generation, from genomics and biomarkers on the biological side to faster high throughput screening and high content imaging, IT and informatics has become increasingly crucial for improving research productivity.  Bio-IT World Europe 2009 will feature four tracks in all: one will explore IT infrastructure solutions in hardware and software.  The concurrent track will include talks on bioinformatics for genomics, data integration and knowledge management.

Additional details, including instructions for submitting proposals to speak at the conference, can be found at:


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