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Coming Event: The 2009 Bio-IT World Expo

January 2, 2009 | The 2009 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo takes place April 27-29 in Boston. Full details of the program are available, but below are some of the editors’ highlights:

What’s Hot in IT
One of the most engaging, informative and downright popular presentations at Bio-IT World Expo is traditionally Chris Dagdigian’s no-holds-barred review of the key trends and pet peeves he experiences day in day out as a BioTeam consultant working in academic and industrial data centers. Dagdigian is one of the regular contributors to Bio-IT World’s ‘Inside the Box’ column. Last year, Dagdigian’s talk was the highlight of the IT infrastructure track. This year, Dagdigian delivers the opening keynote.
Keynote Lecture | April 27

Semantic Technologies
The semantic web may not be a reality just yet, but Pfizer’s Ted Slater gave a fascinating presentation at last year’s Bridging Pharma & IT conference on his group’s promising implementation of semantic technologies. His talk in Track 2—“You’re using your computer wrong: Semantics in pharma R&D”—is highly recommended.
Track 2 | Informatics for Genomic Medicine | April 28

Coming Soon: The $5000 Genome
Last October, Cliff Reid (CEO, Complete Genomics) made the astounding claim that his company would sequence 1,000 human genomes in 2009 for a net cost of $5,000 (see, Complete Genomics Targets ‘The First $1000 Genome). Rather than selling instruments, Complete Genomics is offering a next-generation sequencing service model, with big pharma very much targeted as a key customer demographic. In one of his first presentations to a scientific audience, Reid will discuss technology advances and his vision for the future of genome sequencing in medicine and pharmaceutical research.
Keynote Lecture | April 29

Improving Performance
A full-day workshop on high-performance computing trends and applications will explore grid and cloud technologies, and a range of HPC applications including next-gen sequencing. Speakers include the excellent John Halamka (CIO Harvard Medical School), Reece Hart (Genentech), and Giles Day (Pfizer BBC), as well as senior IT staff from Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly.
Workshops | April 27

Consumer Genomics Information
Three years ago, Mark Boguski keynoted the Expo in his capacity as director of the Allen Brain Institute. After a stint at Novartis, Boguski is now building a new company, Resounding Health, in the personal genomics space. Boguski will discuss the challenges facing consumers and service providers in the new world of personal genomics.
eHealth Solutions | Track 6 | April 28

Benjamin Franklin 2009 Award
Who will join the ranks of distinguished winners of the Benjamin Franklin Award, including Sean Eddy, Michael Ashburner, Ewan Birney, Lincoln Stein, James Kent, and Michael Eisen? The winner of the 2009 award will be introduced by the Bioinformatics Organization president, Jeff Bizarro.
Franklin Award | April 28

Computational Chemistry
An outstanding line-up of speakers features in Track 4 on computational chemistry, including the Broad Institute’s David DeCaprio, Locus Pharmaceuticals’ Jeff Wiseman, and Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling editor Anton Hopfinger, as well as informatics leaders from Wyeth, Novartis, and Abbot Labs.
Track 4 | April 28-29

caBIG Time
The work of the Cancer Bioinformatics grid will be prominently displayed throughout the conference program. Presentations include the deployment of a grid infrastructure across 540 medical centers and a review of caBIG’s clinical trials application suite for sharing clinical and translational medicine data. Speakers include director Ken Buetow, who accepted the Editors’ Choice award at last year’s Best Practices event.
Tracks 1, 5, 6 | April 28-29

Making Sense of Complex Data
Eric Schadt enjoyed a remarkable year in 2008. The Merck Research Laboratory scientist led a sizeable multidisciplinary team to some truly groundbreaking articles in top journals integrating various forms of genomic data, including association studies and expression data to build models for target and drug discovery.
Keynote Lecture | April 28

Working IT
A selection of five workshops on the first day of Bio-IT World Expo offer a little something for everyone. Topics range from the application of Wikis by life science organizations and drug safety informatics to visualization in medical informatics and advances in molecular dynamics and ligand docking.
Workshops | April 27

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