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Best Practices Awards 2010

Best Practices Introduction

Computing Stephen
Jamie Heywood of PatientsLikeMe keynoted the Best Practices dinner and urged IT to take back research.

Research & Discovery: Protein-Powered Drug Discovery

IT & Informatics Creating a One-Stop-Shop for Research

IT- High Performance Computing: Taking the High RoadKnowledge Management: Get Smart

Personalized and Translational Medicine: Informed IntegrationEditors' Choice Award: Drug Discovery in a Virtual Environment

Judges' Prize: goBalto Grows Matchmaking Portal

Community Service Award: Spidey Sense: Open Source Chemistry

Clinical Trials: After Further REVIEW at the FDA 

2010 Best Practices Entries


Workflow’s Towering Aspirations
The challenges facing the primary producers of workflow and pipeline software—Accelrys and InforSense—may not be so much with each other as evolving in step with pharma’s needs.

Up Front

Consumer Genetics Puts on a Show
Big news from Illumina, GnuBio.

Genome Mapping for $4K
Sequencing as a service from Malaysian Genomics Center.

The Next Big Thing
The Bush Doctrine | Which technologies will do the most for drug safety?


Clinical Trials

Early Trial Planning Solutions
Medidata products streamline randomization and site selection.

Points of Light in Gene Therapy Renaissance
Patient success stories drive gene therapy forward.

DIA 2010
Drug Information Association meeting is positive and hopeful.

Computational Biology

A Bright iDEA
Illumina launches data visualization competition.

BioCloud Computing for Life Sciences

BioCloud Computing for Life Sciences
Cloud 3.0: Everything is a Service
Cloud Computing for Data Analysis: Toward the Plateau of Productivity

Computational Development

No KIDding: Informatics in Reverse
Parthys Reverse Informatics shifts knowledge to information to data.


The Silicon Marvel
The new Howard Hughes Medical Institute computing cluster puts a premium on expandability.

Australia Buys the World's Largest Supercomputer
The IBM machine will reportedly have 64,000 cores.

In Every Issue

Reflections on Good Practices
First Base There’s much to be learned from the Best Practices runners up.

No Safe Haven for FDA
The Russell Transcript Some are calling the FDA to stop worrying about efficacy and focus on safety instead.

New Products 

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