November-December Contents

November-December Contents


A Turnaround for Toxicogenomics?
New toxicogenomics tools accelerate early-stage safety assessment in drug development.

The Data Bonanza at Bio-IT World Europe
At the second European event, attention turned to genomes, storage, and the cloud.

GSK Announces Singapore Collaborations
Four academic groups get GSK drug discovery partnerships.

As Lilly Shutters Singapore Discovery Center
On the edge of a patent cliff, Lilly trims entire research center in Asia.

Sequence, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll
Ozzy Osbourne’s genes reveal alcohol tolerance, caffeine intolerance, equal parts worrier and warrior.

Data Hide and Seek vs. Safety Assessment
The Bush Doctrine | Now is the time to finally decide how to handle tox data.

Epigenetics and the Role of Phenotypic Changes to DNA
Insights | Outlook | DNA methylation can help guide drug discovery.

News Briefs

Most Trials Now Eligible for Design Simulation
New simulation tool expands the range of eligible trials.

Taming the Beast
Going paperless speeds study review and gives clients real time access.

Novartis Gains Control of Clinical Imaging Data
ImagEDC is a game changer for clinical trial management.

A Community Experiment for the Genome Commons 
Steve Brenner is addressing the challenges of shared genomic data.

A Personal View of Personal Genomics
Commentary | Mike Cariaso discusses personal genomics for the rest of us.

Changing the Game of Collaborative Drug Discovery
Barry Bunin’s Silicon Valley company fosters information release between pharmas to spur research on neglected diseases.

Aspera’s fasp Track for High-Speed Data Delivery
Data transfer protocol facilitating global data access and collaboration.

Don’t Neglect Your Processes
Commentary | Process excellence can lead to gains in drug discovery.

Cloud Computing Provides Booster Shot
Commentary | Not all health-IT data is fit for the cloud, but a lot is.

The Thousand Genomes Project 
First Base | New genetic insights, and the 2011 Best Practices Awards call for entries. BY KEVIN DAVIES 

Ready for the GPGPU Revolution?
The Russell Transcript | The life sciences were well represented the GPU Technology Conference. BY JOHN RUSSELL 

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