January-February Contents

Special Report: Remedies for the Clinical Trials Machine

The Advocate: A Prescription for Transforming Clinical Trials

The Vendor: A Case of Delayed Gratification

The Feature: The New Normal for Clinical Development

The Sponsor: Embracing Adaptive Designs at Merck

The Consultant: Realizing Value from Technology

The Strategist: Oracle Builds Efficiency, Empowers Patients

The CRO: Partnering with Pharma: A New CRO Approach

The Vendor: The Value of Smart Integration

Up Front

A Preview of Bio-IT World Expo 2011
Cloud track debuts in Expo’s 10th season.

Top Spot Goes to China
U.S. has more than half of the Top500 supercomputing systems.

Break Out
Pacific Biosciences team identifies Asian origin of Haitian cholera bug.

Collaboration and Consensus for Safety Data
The Bush Doctrine Pharma embarks on a collaborative safety project.

Mixed Messages for RNAi
Insights | Outlook RNAi shows great promise, but still faces challenges.


Clinical Trials

Survey Verifies eTMF Benefits
eTMF cheaper, easier to validate.

Bridging Research and Clinical Bioinformatics
Research tools need tweaks for clinic.

Reducing the Burden of Clinical Safety Reporting
EDC provides opportunity to automate and simplify SAE reporting

Computational Biology

Linking Data: New Life for Semantic Technologies
Cambridge Semantics provides flexible solutions for the data deluge.

Next-Gen Data

BGI Cloud on Horizon
BGI builds its own Cloud to share new next-gen resources.

Lander’s Lessons
Broad chief summarizes the last ten years of the HGP.

Deeper and Wider Approach
Andy Futreal believes that the glass is more than half full for cancer genes.

Biomatters Launches Next-Gen Analysis Server
Offloading analysis to internal servers gives dramatic speed gains.


iRODS: Metadata Solutions to Data Management
Open-source tool woos NGS users.

HPC, GPUs, and the Cloud: A Perfect Match?
Cloud hardware as fast as native.

In Every Issue

Clinical Questions for a New Decade
First Base A new year, a new assessment of the health of the clinical machine.

The Era of Big Data Analytics
The Russell Transcript Systems biology companies evolve.

New Products 

Special Advertising Section
eClinical Technology 2011 

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