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March-April New Products

Cloud Apps for Java

GridGain Systems announces the general availability of GridGain 3.0—the next major version of one of the most rapidly growing and widely used Cloud application platforms for Java ecosystem. GridGain 3.0 breaks new ground in software middleware designed for scalable business applications that run on managed infrastructure, from a single Android device to internal grid to Clouds from any Cloud provider. GridGain 3.0 is the first industry Cloud application platform that combines state of the art computation and data grid technologies in one integrated product. It also adds patent-pending zero deployment and zero provisioning technology to enable radically simplified auto-scaling on any managed infrastructure.

Product: GridGain 3.0
Company: GridGain Systems
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Mutation Software

Interactive Biosoftware’s Alamut, a decision-support software application dedicated to mutation diagnostics, now supports the GRCh37 (hg19) genome assembly as well as RefSeqGene and Locus Reference Genomic (LRG) sequences. It integrates the Human Gene Mutation Database, available to HGMD Professional subscribers (see p. 28). It provides automatic computation of missense predictions with PolyPhen-2, SIFT, and Align GVGD. The splicing prediction tool set has been enriched with the Human Splicing Finder (HSF) prediction algorithm. A new conservation score across vertebrate genomes, phyloP, has also been added. Alamut is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Product: Alamut
Company: Interactive Biosoftware
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Information Exchange Software

The International Institute for the Safety of Medicines (ii4sm) has launched its Computable Semantics and Interoperability (CSI) software platform for the health care and life sciences sectors. The CSI platform enables unambiguous and context-rich information exchange, integration and analysis as well as computer-based decision support by applying ontology-driven information models that maintain the context of data across applications in a system-independent way. The CSI Platform allows powerful reasoning capabilities, supporting a flexible, scalable, easily configurable and low-maintenance software development environment.

Product: CSI software platform
Company: International Institute for the Safety of Medicines
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Microfluidics for Molecular Diagnostics

Caliper Life Sciences has released a new LabChip Dx system for use by clinical research laboratories developing molecular diagnostic tests (see p. 13). The LabChip Dx platform enables simultaneous analysis of up to ten different analytes in a single sample using Caliper’s microfluidic technology and intellectual property, and delivers ease of use combined with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective testing. It is also capable of analyzing large numbers of multiplex samples using minimal sample volume and avoids the need to further purify or dilute diagnostic PCR products. The new system includes specific identification, scoring and reporting software. The cost-effective approach of Caliper’s robust microfluidics technology has contributed to its high rate of adoption among research laboratories around the world.

Product: LabChip Dx
Company: Caliper
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RNA Research Features

Ingenuity Systems has released new features to support RNA-sequencing workflows and microRNA research in IPA. Processed RNA-Seq datasets can now be uploaded directly into IPA and analyzed in the context of pathways and diseases for rich biological interpretation of the data. IPA also now includes a microRNA Target Filter, allowing researchers to examine both predicted and experimentally demonstrated microRNA-mRNA pairings, prioritize targets based on relevant biological context, and visualize the molecular interactions of those target relationships and related biological impacts.

Product: IPA with RNA sequencing features
Company: Ingenuity Systems
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