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Special Report: The Tenth Annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo
The Search for Answers
Stephen Wolfram computes answers to never-before-asked questions. 

Decision Support in High Definition
Bryn Roberts calls for more data, more sharing, and very cool tools. 

Connecting Information and the Future of Health Care
Six views of the promises—and challenges—in store.  

Back in Boston, Eisen Wins 2011 Benjamin Franklin Award
Open science advocate pitches fast data release.

Big Scary Graphs @bioitworld
Trends in data management and NGS among highlights at Bio-IT World Conference. 

2011 Bio-IT World Best of Show Winners 

Up Front
The Medical Utility of Genome Sequencing
Making NGS data physician friendly.  

Supercomputer in the Cloud
Cycle Computing spins up a Cloud-based supercomputer for Genentech.  

Early Returns in NGS Survey
Users want desk top sequencing, better data transfer.  

Neoterics and Next-Gen Data
Inside the Box  Bioinformaticians keep up as next-gen data evolves. 

3-D is Cool, but is it Useful?
The Bush Doctrine  We can play games in 3-D, but can we better health care? 

State of the Third Generation
Insights | Outlook  New sequencing platforms improve throughput, reduce costs.  

Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Skeptical Outsider  How is the industry faring from the other side of the looking glass? 


Clinical Trials
Oracle Supporting Moffitt’s Personalized Ambitions
Health-IT enables personalized oncology.  

Little Israel—Big Trials
A country the size of New Jersey claims 3% of worldwide trials.  

RPS: The Next Phase of eCTD
Regulated Product Submission standard increases flexibility, capabilities.  

Computational Biology
Undercover COSS
Biovista’s drug safety search aids clinical outcomes. 

Spying Content
Praxeon’s Cloud ‘efficiency tool’ extracts themes from documents. 

Next-Gen Data
NGS Study Finds 1 Million Platform Discrepancies
Differences could have repercussions for diagnostic sequencing. 

PacBio Unveils Software Tools With Commercial Launch
The tools are open source and supports other sequencers’ data.  

Houston, We Have a Data Problem
MD Anderson grapples with the cost of storing and sharing data. 

Architectures and Algorithms
At the Di2 Consortium, it’s about moving computation to the data.  

Cloud Adoption in Research
Lagging or right on track?   

Leveraging the Cloud for B2B
B2B Cloud can have lasting results. 

In Every Issue
Big Data Heroes in Vegas
First Base  EMC ’s Data Heroes Awards recognizes Broad, IBM, and America’s CIO.  BY KEVIN DAVIES 

War on Cancer: Laudable Goal, Still Much to Do
The Russell Transcript  At MIT luminaries talk about conquering cancer.  BY JOHN RUSSELL 



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