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December News and Product Briefs

News Briefs

Insight Genetics launched a new CLIA-certified laboratory, Insight Molecular Labs. The new lab offers diagnostic tests that identify specific cancer biomarkers. It provides clinical trial support services for targeted therapeutics, assisting in the identification of appropriate patients for trials, and specializes in the detection and monitoring of drug resistance in patients being treated with specific cancer therapies. Press release

Linguamatics announced that Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah has deployed its natural language processing based I2E software platform to transform the immense stores of unstructured text in electronic health records into actionable information to drive improvements in cancer research, treatments and outcomes. HCI is using I2E with its in-house clinical informatics infrastructure to extract data from the unstructured text contained in surgical, pathology, radiology, and clinical notes related to hematology oncology disease areas. Press release

Life Technologies’ Austin manufacturing facility received the 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in the category of Greener Synthetic Pathways. The award was presented at a ceremony at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, D.C., and recognized the facility’s novel methods for developing Deoxyribonucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs) – the individual building blocks for DNA that are made during PCR. Conventional syntheses of dNTPs are inefficient, involve multiple steps that require isolation and purification of intermediates, and use excessive volumes of toxic or hazardous solvents and reagents. Press release

YarcData, a Cray company, entered a collaborative effort with Selventa, a leading provider of systems diagnostics for personalized medicine. Selventa will have access to YarcData’s big data analytics appliance, Urika, to help pharmaceutical organizations better target drugs and accelerate market delivery. Because data loaded into Urika does not need to be partitioned by disease area, the collaboration will enable analysis to be performed across larger or combined data sets, making it possible to find previously unknown relationships between genes and proteins, treatments and disease mechanisms, human and animal biology, diseased tissue and blood, as well as identification of biomarkers representative of predictive and prognostic indications. Press release

Arsenal Capital Partners, a New York-based private equity firm, acquired Certara, the leading provider of model-based drug development and data analytics software and consulting services to the biopharmaceutical research and development market. Certara provides computer-based models supported by scientific consulting services, spanning the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical stages of drug development, enabling data-driven decisions to reduce the time and expense of bringing new drugs to market. Press release

Myriad Genetics announced it will present data from four clinical studies with Prolaris at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Society for Urologic Oncology (SUO) in Bethesda, MD. Prolaris is a prognostic test that predicts cancer-specific disease progression and mortality based on an analysis of 46 cell cycle progression genes. Myriad’s data will demonstrate the ability of the Prolaris test to accurately stratify a prostate cancer patient's risk of having an aggressive form of the disease.  Another new study in renal cell carcinoma also will be presented at the SUO meeting, demonstrating that Myriad's cell cycle progression gene panel predicts metastatic progression in patients with this cancer. Press release

Pareto Biotechnologies was selected for funding by Breakout Labs, a philanthropic revolving fund. Pareto is a San Francisco-based startup that utilizes polyketide pathways in a synthetic biology platform to develop “designer molecules.” Pareto seeks to create molecules with commercial applicability in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and industrial commodities, such as plastics, resins, and adhesives. Press release

New Products

Earlier this fall, Quantum released version five of its StorNext appliances. It’s no longer easy to predict the type and amount of data, Skip Levens, director of technical marketing forQuantum, told Bio-IT World. Storage options need to be more flexible than ever before. When Quantum built StorNext 5, Levens says, the company started by building a completely new cache management technique with multicore processors. StorNext 5 was built to optimize performance, Levens says. “In building for performance, we saw up to 10x performance improvement… but scalability came along,” Levens says. “It turns out we can now address much larger number of files for larger and more diverse workgroups.” StorNext boasts a 5x scalability improvement. StorNext 5 will initially be available on StorNext appliances in 2013 and will be available as a software-only solution in the first half of 2014. Quantum

Agilent Technologies introduced MassHunter Profinder software, designed for batch processing of complex mass spectrometric data. MassHunter Profinder is powered by proprietary algorithms designed to identify differential compounds in highly complex data sets. The software reduces the noise associated with data profiling by employing a new recursive feature extraction workflow, which eliminates additional manual editing tasks such as stacking, adding and deleting peaks. New user-defined peak re-integration capabilities return fewer false positives or false negatives. Press release

Accelrys released the Accelrys Materials Studio 7.0 modeling and simulation environment for chemists, polymer scientists and other materials scientists. The latest release contains enhancements in quantum mechanics, classical simulation, visualization, and collaboration, enabling scientists to engineer better performing and more cost-effective materials across a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, catalysts, polymers, composites, metals, alloys, batteries, fuel cells and more. PR Newswire

Media Cybernetics released Image-Pro Premier 9.1, designed for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing. This new version provides tools to capture, process, measure, share, visualize and compare images. New life science features include colocalization of multiple fluorescent images or channels; learning classification of tissues or cells using multiple parameters for pathologists; automated wound healing analysis; and advanced ring analysis for otoliths, scales, and trees. Press release

ArrayFire released ArrayFire v2.0, adding full commercial support for OpenCL devices including all AMD APUs and AMD FireProTM graphics, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, CUDA GPUs from NVIDIA, and other OpenCL devices from Imagination, Freescale, ARM, Altera, and Apple. ArrayFire is a CUDA and OpenCL library designed to bypass the need to write CUDA and OpenCL device code. The library contains hundreds of functions for math, signal processing, image processing, and algorithms. Product page

Aspera announced the beta availability of Aspera Drive, a new unified sharing and collaboration platform for big data. The platform can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model. Aspera Drive brings remote file browsing, transfer, synchronization, and package sending and receiving to the desktop, browser and mobile device. An innovative backend architecture and API allows for centralized control over content access, security, and bandwidth. Press release

Clinovo will release an exclusive preview of two new features to its open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system ClinCapture at the 2014 Outsourcing in Clinical Trials West Coast conference in January. The new features are Medical Coding, enabling users to appropriately categorize medical terms entered in ClinCapture; and Risk-based Monitoring, allowing ClinCapture to integrate with Patient Profiles to create individual reports for each subject. Patient Profiles automatically runs algorithms to mine clinical data and identify data that is unusual. PRWeb

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