Synthego Launches $1 Million In Grants To Foster Innovation, Accelerate Discovery In Genome Engineering Research

By Bio-IT World Staff

March 1, 2019 | Synthego has announced its inaugural Genome Engineer Innovation Grant. As part of the company’s mission to make world-class genome engineering tools accessible to all scientists and bring first-of-its-kind research to fruition, Synthego will offer a variety of grants to research lab awardees totaling $1 million worth of CRISPRevolution synthetic sgRNA kits and CRISPR-engineered gene knockout cells.

Synthego provides scientists with access to the most efficient tools for CRISPR. This includes CRISPRevolution chemically modified synthetic sgRNAs, which are capable of achieving the highest editing efficiencies in human primary cells and cell lines. In addition, Synthego’s Engineered Cells provide even greater access through guaranteed rates of gene knockouts in many common cell lines. These tools enable researchers to bring unparalleled scale, consistency and reproducibility to their genome engineering projects.

CRISPR-based Genome Engineering is a rapidly developing field that is positively impacting many areas of science. It is allowing scientists to fundamentally change the way they research and treat genetic disease, discover cures for cancer and engineer crops for agricultural improvement. Despite these advances, scientists still need to utilize the most efficient methods for performing CRISPR in order to get relevant experimental results.

“We’re investing $1 million in the future of genome engineering because we believe CRISPR—and the genome engineers who use it—are poised to uncover unprecedented scientific breakthroughs and change the way we tackle humanity’s biggest challenges,” Rich Stoner, Chief Science Officer at Synthego, said in a press release. “We want to help bring standards and protocols to genome engineering by providing the next generation of industry leaders with the tools they need to achieve results and bring life-changing cures to people faster.”

As part of the company’s mission to enable, support and partner with the future leaders in genome engineering, Synthego will support all requested reagent costs for the winners of the grants, at a minimum of $10,000 and up to $250,000. Synthego will develop a comprehensive reagent strategy with awarded grant recipients, which could significantly change the scope of their research and might enable researchers to generate new models of disease, discover potential cures, or engineer a desired trait into a plant.

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