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Special Report: Best Practices
Complete coverage of the record-breaking Bio-IT World 2008 Best Practices Awards competition.

Applied Bio’s Automated Genotyping Pipeline 

Lilly Creates Standards for Technology Adoption 

GSK Moving Upstream with Signal Detection

Sirtris and Genstruct Pursue the Fountain of Youth 

Playing It SAFE Is a Leadership Move for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Invests in Data, Discovery Management

Merck-Moffitt Partnership Breaks Down Silos

Connecting the Cancer Community caBIG Time

Project Summaries of All Entries

TriPrint Method Watermarks DNA
Malcolm Simons proposes codon changes to identify DNA.

GINA Finally Becomes a Reality
The law’s passage means new freedom for patients and researchers.

HPC Reaches the Petaflop
Top 500 companies power consumption to performance.

Expanding Cancer Targets
INSIGHTS | OUTLOOK | Cancer researchers have more options thanks to a growing number of cancer targets.


MicroRNAs Make Their Mark
Rosetta Genomics uses miRNA to identify cancers of unknown origin.

The Biomarker Business
Is it time for a new model?

Lilly’s Grid Goes Open Source
The pharma’s Discovery IT platform is freely available.

Back in the USR
Oxford’s ultra-fast shape recognition program speeds lead discovery.

The New England Computing Revolution
REvolution Computing brings Parallel R to life sciences.

PlayStation Cell Speeds Docking Programs
SimBioSys turns to IBM, Sony to speed drug design. 

Surveillance Becomes More Active
Congress reauthorizes an act to increase tracking of post-market drugs.

CDISC Standards on the Rise, Says Cassells
But EDC is often a veneer, say Bio-IT World Expo speakers.

The Best of the Rest
FIRST BASE | Best Practices judges were impressed with more than just the winning entries.
By Kevin Davies

Making DREAM(S) Come True Isn’t Easy
THE RUSSELL TRANSCRIPT | With less than stellar results from the first DREAM challenge, organizers still see value in the process.
By John Russell

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