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Guest: Jonathan Rothberg, PhD -- Founder/CEO Ion Torrent Systems; Founder Curagen, 454 Life Sciences, RainDance
Topic: Moore's Law and the Future of Genome Sequencing
Commentator: Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World
Conference: CHI's Exploring Next-Generation Sequencing – Providence; September 21, 2009
Length: 12:37

Summary: Ten years ago, a family emergency provided the spark for Jonathan Rothberg to conceive 454 Life Sciences, the first next-genration sequencing technology to reach the market. Rothberg's platform has produced many scientific highlights, including groundbreaking work on the Neanderthal genome, metagenomics, disappearing honey bees, transplantation mishaps, and of course Jim Watson's genome. Rothberg reflects on the past decade and offers a glimpse at his new project, Ion Torrent Systems.  

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