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John Reynders on the Role of R&D Information at AstraZeneca
Bio-IT World | In his current role as head of R&D Information at AstraZeneca, John Reynders
discusses the breadth of skills among his 400-strong team and the company's commitment
to innovation and long-range strategic planning. Read More 

 A New Chapter for the Consumer Genetics Conference
Bio-IT World | Asked what prompted her to launch The Consumer Genetics Conference (CGC)
three years ago, together with her friend John Boyce, Meredith Salisbury says simply, "Insanity."
Coming to their senses, the duo have partnered with CHI to produce the 2012 conference,
which will be held October 3-5, 2012. Read More 

Complete Genomics Bundles Ingenuity Variant Analysis software
Bio-IT World | Complete Genomics announced that it will bundle Ingenuity Systems' Variant
Analysis application with its research whole genome sequencing services. Read More  

Lasker Foundation Begins Search for Next President
Bio-IT World | The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation has embarked upon a global search
for its next president to lead its operations, succeeding current chief Maria Freire, who is
leaving this Fall.


Russian Web Tycoon Launches World's Biggest Science Prize
The Guardian | Yuri Milner, a Russian internet investor who quit his PhD in physics and
made $1 billion investing in social networking firms such as Facebook, Twitter and
Groupon, has launched a clutch of awards worth $3 million apiece to recognize
advances in fundamental physics. Read More

23andMe Seeks FDA Approval for Personal DNA Test
Bloomberg Businessweek | Consumer genetics pioneer 23andMe has taken the first step
towards seeking Food and Drug Administration approval of its personalized DNA test.
Read More

Sharp Dip in US Drug Approvals Forecast
Pharma Times | The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve fewer novel
drugs in 2012 than it did last year, as the industry faces a number of ongoing
operational risks, according to a new report. Read More

23andMe DNA Mapping Reunites Long-Lost Siblings
CBS This Morning | Given up for adoption in 1960 at just 10 days, Neil Schwartzman suddenly
traced his long-lost biological sister through the online DNA genotyping services of
consumer genetics company 23andMe. Read More