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 Quinten's Savoir Faire Approach to Data Mining
Bio-IT World | Quinten, a rapidly expanding French CRO, brings an innovative data-mining
approach to much of the drug development pipeline -- from early stage target identification
to clinical trials and patient stratification. Here, Kevin Davies interviews Quinten CEO
Alexandre Templier. Read More


Congratulations on Reaching the $1000 Genome
PolITigenomics | For all intents and purposes, argues David Dooling, we have already
achieved the $1,000 human genome -- compared to the $1 billion or spent on the first
human genome, the difference between $1,000 and $5,000 is just a rounding error.
"So, congratulations, we did it!" Read More

Drug Discovery Looks for Its Next Fix  
HPC Wire | Supercomputing shows great promise to improve the process of drug discovery,
not only to find better, safer drugs, but also to weed out those compounds that would
eventually fail during clinical trials. Read More

Five Steps for Handling your Big Data Hoard
Enterprise CIO Forum | Decades ago, valued data was handled in a very manual and
individual manner. But the explosion of data sources has made most people hoarders,
without a plan to leverage the value. Read More

Russian Web Tycoon Launches World's Biggest Science Prize 
The Guardian | Yuri Milner, a Russian internet investor who quit his PhD in physics and
made $1 billion investing in social networking firms such as Facebook, Twitter and Groupon,
has launched a clutch of awards worth $3 million apiece to recognize advances in
fundamental physics. Read More