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NHGRI Expands Genomics Divisions
Bio-IT World Brief | The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) announced a reorganization today to divide
the Extramural Research Program into four new divisions: three genomic divisions and extramural operations. The changes
will become effective on October 1. Read More

Broad and AstraZeneca Launch Collaboration for Antivirals, Antibacterials
Bio-IT World Brief | The Broad Institute and AstraZeneca are collaborating on a project to indentify new chemical
compounds targeting bacterial and viral infections. Infectious and parasitic diseases are the world’s second-largest leading
cause of death and disability according to the World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease report. Read More 

News Briefs: EHR Certifications, Orphan Disease Market, Supercomputing Huntington's Disease
Bio-IT World | News briefs: CCHIT Named Authorized Certification Body for EHRs; GNS Focuses Platform on Huntington’s
Disease; Orphan Drug Market Outpaces Others; Roche Banks on Personalized Medicine; and Updated NGS Analysis
Software. Read More

Accunet Adds NCI Data Center to its Life Science Roster
Bio-IT World | Accunet's work designing a newly operational data center for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research could be a stepping stone in growing its business in the life sciences
IT arena. Read More


Australian Researchers Launch Proteome Browser
Australian Life Sciences | As part of the Human Proteome Project, researchers from Monash University in Australia and
their colleagues are developing an open-access Web interface for the proteins on chromosome 7. The proteome browser
will show the quality of information available on each protein and let users drill down into the data. Read More 

ENCODE Inspires
Economist | More on the ENCODE project. The Economist likens it to Keats' reaction upon reading Homer. Read More

Calit2 Researcher Wins Multimedia Computing Award
Calit2 | A UC San Diego researcher won an award for her outstanding Ph.D. dissertation in multimedia computing,
communications, and applications. Read More

Affy's Take on Microarrays Around the World
MendelsPod | Affymetrix's VP for International Markets, Chris Barbazette, talks about genomics and arrays around the
world: from China and  Saudi Arabia to Egypt and Venezuela. Read More

Cliff Reid Talks Errorless Sequencing
Singularity Hub | Complete Genomics CEO Cliff Reid talks about the future of sequencing, new sequencers that will be
"errorless", and the three things it will take to make whole human genome sequencing truly ubiquitous. Read More

Big Growth, Innovation in Rare Disease Biotech
Forbes | Biotech innovation is thriving at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on finding treatments that will
transform the lives of patients with ultrarare diseases. Read More

Databases Fight NIH Funding Cuts
Nature | Funding cuts by the US National Library of Medicine are threatening five widely used biological databases --
Protégé, BioMagResBank, Repbase, REBASE, and CASP -- as user communities rally to save them. Read More