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Sequencing Giants BGI and Complete Genomics Announce Merger Agreement
Bio-IT World | In a stunning move for the genomics industry, two leading DNA sequencing service providers
– China’s BGI and Complete Genomics – have entered into a definitive merger agreement valued at $117 million. 
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Panasas Launches Combo Flash Storage
Bio-IT World | Panasas today announced an update to its parallel storage system: ActiveStor 14, the first product in
the industry to use flash memory and an intelligent storage layout for mixed workloads, Geoffrey Noer, senior
director of product marketing, tells Bio-IT World.
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X Prize Launches Open Bioinformatics Challenge
Bio-IT World | The Archon Genomics X Prize is launching a Bioinformatics Challenge tomorrow morning at 9:00 PST.
The challenge is offering a $2,500 prize for the “most impactful, most material” improvements to the validation
protocol and software for the X Prize said Grant Campany, senior director & prize lead, Archon Genomics X PRIZE
presented by Express Scripts.
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Illumina Launches Fast Clinical Sequencing, Data Sets, Clinical Alliance
Bio-IT World News Brief | Illumina announced several advancements in clinical genomic sequencing today including
Individual Genome Sequencing (IGS) service, a strategic alliance with Partners HealthCare, and five content sets to
provide comprehensive evaluation of genes associated with specific disease area.
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Craigslist Helps Reveal Flu Antibody
UT San Diego | Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla and Sea Lane Biotechnologies have
identified an antibody that protects cells from the influenza virus with the help of Craigslist donors.
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Pharma Turns to Second Generation Emerging Markets
GlobalData | Sanofi is looking past the BRIC countries--Brazil, Russia, India, China--at other emerging markets,
singling out Columbia, Indonesia, and Vietnam for future growth.
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Sequencing Studies Take on Lung Cancer
Nature News | Three sequencing studies published this week take on lung cancer, laying the groundwork for more
effective personalized treatment. The studies looked at a combined 361 patients with different types of lung cancers
and an additional 17 tumors.
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PerkinElmer Acquires R&D Rights to TIBCO Software
Boston Globe | PerkinElmer has acquired exclusive rights to TIBCO Software's data analysis software in scientific
research and development markets.
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Supercomputing the Resistome
TACC | Nobel laureate Bruce Beutler is using the supercomputing resources at  the Texas Advanced Computing
Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin to sequence the exomes of 8,000 mice in order to identify the
mammalian "resistome".
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Boehringer Ingelheim Launches Pharma Facebook Game
PSFK | Boehringer Ingelheim has developed a Facebook game called Syrum. The health of the world is in the user's
hands, and players can collaborate with others to save it.
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Clouds, Supercomputing Shine at Bio-IT World Cloud Summit
Bio-IT World | SAN FRANCISCO—A variety of cloud computing and supercomputing resources and applications shone
brightly at the Bio-IT World Cloud Summit* in San Francisco this week.
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HHMI Awards Three Interdisciplinary Grants
HHMI | HHMI has awarded three grants to develop interdisciplinary graduate training programs that integrate the
biomedical sciences with the physical sciences and engineering, as part of its Interfaces Initiative.
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SABs for Biotech Startups
Forbes | For early biotechs, a scientific advisory board can provide an objective, external perspective and quality
authentication, but they can also be expensive and create challenges.
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