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Vienna Gets Set to Host Bio-IT World Europe 2012
Bio-IT World | Vienna may be known as the City of Music, but in three weeks it will also be a hub for life sciences, informatics,
and IT. Bio-IT World’s fourth  European Conference & Expo finds a new home in Vienna, Austria, bringing tracks on drug discovery
informatics; data infrastructure and high performance computing; cloud-based bioinformatics and clinical genomics to the heart
of Europe. Read More 
Microfluidics, NGS, and Personalized Cosmetics
Bio-IT World Video | Bio-IT World Editor Kevin Davies speaks with Dave Weitz,
professor of physics at Harvard and speaker at the upcoming Consumer Genomics Conference, about his research on microfluidics,
which has applications in everything from next-gen sequencing technology to personalized cosmetics. Read More

New Pharma Collaboration Focuses on Clinical Standards
Bio-IT World | A new big pharma collaboration has been launched to identify and solve common drug development challenges, starting
with clinical study execution. TransCelerate BioPharma was created by ten companies—Abbott, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim,
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Genentech (a member of the Roche Group), and Sanofi—all
of which have pooled financial, personnel, and other resources to solve industry-wide challenges in a collaborative environment. 

 Firms Charge Fiduciary Breach in BGI-Complete Merger
Bio-IT World | The announcement on Monday that Complete Genomics will be acquired by BGI for $117.6 million has left many
surprised and dismayed. A slew of firms have announced investigations of the Complete Genomics Board of Directors contending
that the $3.15/share price may not be "fair".
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Phase II Flub for Peregrine
Cancer Grace | A week after releasing favorable Phase II results for the novel vascular-targeting immunotherapy for non-small cell lung
cancer, bavituximab, study sponsor Peregrine Pharmaceuticals has announced "major discrepancies" in the trial. Read More

Allen Brain Atlas Reveals Data from First Two Scanned Brains
Forbes | The Allen Brain Atlas published its first results yesterday in Nature, and some were surprising. Gene expression on the right and
left sides of the brain looks very similar, but the variety that is there seems to be pretty important. Read more. Read More

MyoKardia Gains Venture Funds to Investigate Drugs for Genetic Heart Defects
Xconomy | Third Rock Ventures is investing $38 million in a startup that is targeting the genetic causes of heart problems. MyoKardia will
set up shop in San Francisco. Read More

Novartis Takes $665m Bid for Selexys
Tulsa World | In addition to $23 million of Series A financing, Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp. of Oklahoma City has struck an agreement
with Novartis that could lead to the company's acquisition for up to $665 million for its sickle cell treatment. Read More

Google Ventures has $1 Billion to Spend, Eyes Biotech
CNBC | Google Ventures is planning $1 billion of start-up investment in the next five years and it has its eye on biotech.  Read More

Foundation Medicine Announces $42.5m in Series B Financing
Boston Globe |  Foundation Medicine announced a $42.5 million Series B financing round this morning thanks to Deerfield Management
Company, L.P., Casdin Capital, Redmile Group and strategic investors Roche Venture Fund and WuXi Corporate Venture Fund. 
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Illumina Acquires Cytogenetics Company BlueGnome
BlueGnome | Illumina today announced that it will acquire UK company BlueGnome, a cytogenetics company that looks at the structure
and function of cells for genetic abnormalities. Read More

The Genomics Guinea Pigs
NPR | The researchers who are serving as genomics guinea pigs are also working through how we should process the information the
genome reveals. Read More

Genomic Applications for All
23andMe | 23andMe has released their API to allow developers to design new applications and tools for the 23andMe community accessing
23andMe data. Read More

Biotech Making Friends with Twitter
Xconomy | Biotech comes into its own on Twitter. Luke Timmerman of Xconomy discusses the advantages for the industry. Read More