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Knome Launches knoSYS 100 Genome Supercomputer to Enhance Interpretation
Bio-IT World | Knome, the informatics company co-founded by George Church that bills itself as the
“human genome interpretation” company, is launching a dedicated “genome supercomputer”
designed to sit next to a next-gen sequencer and enhance the interpretation of genome sequences
using Knome's proprietary software. Read More 

The People’s Parrot: the First Community-Sponsored Genome
Bio-IT World  | Researchers in Puerto Rico have taken the concept of public funding for genome
research to a new level. Paid for with money raised from art and fashion shows and private donations,
scientists and students at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez have sequenced the genome of the
critically endangered Puerto Rican parrot (Amazona vittata)—and maybe introduced a new model for
genome research. Read More 

Data Centers and the Real Infrastructure Behind the Cloud
Bio-IT World Roundup | There's been much discussion this week of data centers and the virtual cloud's
actual impact on the environment. Read More 

BGI and Gates Foundation Collaborate
Bio-IT World | BGI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) to begin immediate collaboration on global health and agricultural development. Read More 


Oracle Announces AWS Competitor
Computerworld | In an OpenWorld talk on Sunday, Oracle CEO Larry Smarr introduced a new Infrastructure-
as-a-Service offering and listed Amazon Web Services as its primary competitor. Read More 

Consumer Genetics Thoughts and Data
Reason.com | Just in time for next week's big Consumer Genetics Conference in Boston, Ronald Bailey
talks about the wonders of consumer genetics. Read More 

Pay-As-You-Go Papers
The Scientist | A pilot program is allowing University of Utah readers to "check out" Nature papers from the
library for as little as $3 with the help of Readcube reference management software. Compared to purchasing
reprints for $35, the program represents significant savings for researchers. Read More 

ChemAxon Opens East Coast Offices
Sacramento Bee | ChemAxon has opened new East coast headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Read More 

Biofuels: Technology vs. the Market
Fast Company | Making their biofuel is a lot like making beer, says Eduardo Loosli, the plant manager at
Amyris's Brazilian headquarters. But instead of yeast producing alcohol from sugar, the Amyris genetically
modified yeast produce farnesene. Read More 

HHMI Names 13 Biomed Research Scholars
HHMI | The Howard Hughes Medical Center has chosen 13 basic researchers as recipients of its Senior
International Research Scholar (SIRS) awards. Each research scholar will receive a grant of $100,000 per
year over five years. Read More 

Too Sexy for Your Data?
Harvard Business Review | What's the sexiest job in the 21st century? Harvard Business Review says it's data
scientist. With all the messy datasets available to us now, sorting through and processing that information is
an opportunity for creativity, ingenuity,and some very sexy computing. Read More 

What the Complete-BGI Merger Really Means
Xconomy | As the dust settles on the BGI-Complete Genomics announcements, we can start to consider what
the merger means for the industry and genomics-driven medicine. Read More