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Prosecution RESTs
Bio-IT World | Inside the Box Guest Column | Life Technologies has recently delivered version 3.0 of the Torrent Suite software, which includes updates to the RESTful API. Finally, in an industry chronically plagued with data integrity problems, a simple, modern API is available. Read More 

At ICG, BGI Leads Call for Genomics Collaboration
Bio-IT World | PHILADELPHIA—BGI is leading a widespread call in the genomics research community for collaborations to extract medically useful information. At the inaugural International Conference on Genomics in the Americas (ICGA)*, held last week, BGI and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) cohosted an exciting event with a host of dynamic presentations. Read More 

News Briefs: Ingenuity, Life Tech, Janssen, Evotec
Bio-IT World | October news briefs in the life sciences from Ingenuity, Life Tech, Janssen, Evotec, and more. Read More 

Harvard’s George Church Enters Genomics X PRIZE Competition
Bio-IT World | BOSTON—At the Consumer Genetics Conference (CGC)* yesterday, Harvard Medical School professor George Church announced that his group will be entering the Archon Genomics X PRIZE presented by Express Scripts. Read More 

Whole Genome Sequencing Provides Fast, Accurate Diagnoses in the NICU
Bio-IT World | Using two new algorithms and Illumina’s newest sequencer, doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, have used whole genome sequencing to rapidly diagnose genetic diseases in acutely ill newborns. The results were published today in Science Translational Medicine. Read More 

Big Data Meets Big Compute: Cycle Challenge Winner Logs a “Compute Century” on Amazon Cloud
Bio-IT World | The winner of the Big Science Challenge, a contest convened last year by Cycle Computing to provide $10,000 in cloud computing resources for groundbreaking biomedical research, has successfully completed the first phase of its project while logging more than 115 compute years on the Amazon Cloud. Read More 


Health IT Company Claims 47 Second Genome Analysis
eWeek | Health IT company NantHealth has introduced a supercomputing platform that it says can reduce the time required to analyze genomic data of a cancer patient from eight weeks to 47 seconds. Read More 

Grad Programs Launch for Data Wrangling
Computerworld | Graduate schools are recognizing the need for big-data degrees, and several have launched Master's programs in science or business analytics designed to train students to manage and process massive datasets. Read More 

University Medical Center Invests $100 Million in IT from IBM, Oracle
eWeek | The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has announced a five-year, $100 million investment in data warehousing and analytic tools incorporating IT infrastructure from dbMotion, IBM, Informatica, and Oracle. Read More 

TGEN Focuses on Childhood Rare Disorders
AZ Central | The Translational Genomics Research Institute is launching the TGen Center for Rare Childhood Disorders to use sequencing technology to identify rare diseases. Read More 

EMC Names New CTO
Computerworld | EMC has named a new Chief Technology Officer. John Roese will play a key role in shaping EMC's big data and cloud strategy. Read More 

Large Genome Study to Delineate Breast Cancers
Singularity HUB | A collaborative study investigated the genomes 825 breast cancer patients at different stages of disease. Read More 

Report from the Consumer Genetics Conference
Reason.com | Ronald Bailey reports from the 4th Annual Consumer Genetics Conference. Among the highlights: GenePeeks, the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, the New York Genome Center, Life Technologies, Complete Genomics,GnuBio, and much more. Read More 

GnuBio Announces $10 Million in Additional Funding
Yahoo Finance | GnuBio has secured $10 million in additional funding. The company plans to use the money to commercialize its desktop DNA sequencing platform and hire additional staff in product development, molecular biology, informatics and software engineering. Read More 

LA Billionaire Works to Speed Personalized Medicine
LA Times | Patrick Soon-Shiong, former UCLA surgeon and drug-company exec, has reached an agreement with Blue Shield of California to create a "continuous learning center" to work on spreading personalized medicine and best practices to more health care providers. Read More 

Muscular Dystrophy Drug Repairs Gene, Helps Patients Regain Strength
Businessweek | Sarepta Therapeutics announced ground breaking clinical trial results today, when their drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy helped patients walk nearly 300 feet farther than patients on placebo, and restored a key protein lacking in some patients. Read More 

How Data Centers Deal with Big Data
eWeek | Big data can mean big traffic jams and throughput is increasingly becoming a concern for data centers. According to a recent survey, the biggest bottleneck is network I/O. Read More  

Renaming the Cloud
ReadWriteWeb | The Cloud may need to reinvent itself. A recent national survey by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Citrix, showed that most Americans don't connect the term "cloud" with computer networks. Read More 

Drug Discovery as Investment
In the Pipeline | Derek Lowe looks at Andrew Lo's new funding model for biotech. Lo proposes raising $30 billion for oncology drug discovery as an investment. Read More