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Appistry to License Broad's GATK 2.0 to For Profit Users
Bio-IT World | The Broad Institute and Appistry announced an arrangement this morning for Appistry to distribute and support
the Broad’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) for next-generation sequencing data analysis. For a subscription fee, Appistry will
distribute the GATK and its suite of analysis tools to for-profit users and provide commercial-grade customer support. Read More 

News from Vienna: BT, Aspera, GenoLogics, CLC
Bio-IT World | Bio-IT World Europe wrapped up in Vienna last week. A full report will follow, but first, some company announcement
highlights from BT, Aspera, GenoLogics, CLC bio. Read More 

IMPROVER-ing Data Verification for Systems Biology
Bio-IT World | There was CASP. Then there was DREAM. And now, IMPROVER. The latest algorithm competition is tackling data
verification in systems biology research. Read More 

True Blood: Swiss Start-Up Biognosys Pushes Personalized Proteomics
Bio-IT World | As biotech catchphrases go, “personalized proteomics” hasn’t quite registered as much as some, but according
to Swiss biotech company Biognosys, recent advances in mass spectrometry and bioinformatics could have enormous ramifications
for biomedical research, drug discovery, and even consumer health. Read More 

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded for Receptor Work
Bio-IT World Roundup | The Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to two doctors for their work with G-protein-coupled receptors.
Read More 


New Cancer Center Planned for Northern Virginia
Washington Business Journal | A new comprehensive cancer center planned for Northern Virginia might be able to accomplish what
Dietrich Stephan's Ignite Institue wasn't able to. Read More 

AstraZeneca Inks Chinese Drug Discovery Partnership
Bloomberg | AstraZeneca has partnered with Beijing-based Pharmaron to expand their R&D efforts. The partnership adds "a few hundred"
researchers to AstraZeneca's team in China. Read More 

Whole Genome Class for Medical Students
Nature News Blog | Mount Sinai Medical School in New York is offering an elective course called ‘Practical Analysis of Your Personal Genome’
this year. The goal is to teach upcoming physicians how sequencing information might affect clinical care. Read More 

GSK Releases 200 TB Compounds for Open Innovation
PM Live | GlaxoSmithKline has released access to 200 compounds with possible action against tuberculosis in a move toward an "open
innovation" approach to R&D. Read More 

FDA Recalls Generic that Doesn't Work
Forbes | The FDA took a generic version of Wellbutrin XL off the market yesterday because it just doesn't work--and hasn't worked for
years. Read More 

The Intersection of Genetics and Economics
Nature News | A paper slated to appear in the American Economic Review claims that a country's genetic diversity can predict the success
of its economy. Critics worry that the paper is making claims that the inverse is also true. Read More 

Science Prizes as Awards or Incentives
The Guardian | With the announcement of the Nobel Prize in physics, The Guardian looks at the pros and cons of scientific awards as
rewards or as incentives. Read More