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Tennessee Titan: Oak Ridge, Cray, NVIDIA Create New Open Science Supercomputer
Bio-IT World | A new 20 petaflop supercomputer dubbed Titan is powering up at the Oak Ridge National
Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee and ready to tackle some a host of scientific applications. Read More 

News and Briefs from Thomson Reuters, Broad, iNova
Bio-IT World | News and product briefs from the life sciences. Thomson Reuters releases drug repositioning
white paper; Broad  announces GenePattern v3.4; and iNova moves to Singapore. Read More 


Super Fast Computer Simulates the Heart
HPCwire | The world's current fastest supercomputer--Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Sequoia
--has created a simulation of the human heart. Read More 

The Challenges of Pediatric Sequencing
Time | Advances in DNA sequencing present challenges for doctors. Pediactric sequencing can help sick babies, but
it can also give doctors more information than they know what to do with. Read More 

Researchers Replace Damaged DNA in Human Cell
Bloomberg | Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have successfully replaced unhealthy DNA from
one human egg with disease-free genetic material from another. Read More 

Teradata Releases New Database Capabilities
eWeek | Teradata, a provider of analytic data solutions, has announced new database capabilities that enable
customers to deliver real-time agility. The new Teradata Database capabilities include workload management
features, Teradata Data Lab with Smart Loader, Teradata Studio and Teradata Virtual Machine Edition. Read More 

Mitochondrial DNA Study Reveals Ancient Diversity
Sci-News.com | Researchers in New Zealand sequenced mitochondrial DNA of some of the country's earliest
inhabitants, and discovered more genetic diversity than previously thought. Read More 

Wisconsin Group to Develop $60 Million Partnership to Bring Sequencing to Patients
Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel | Building on its pioneering use of DNA sequencing to diagnose and treat
Nic Volker, the Medical College of Wisconsin is in talks to develop an ambitious $60 million public/private partnership
aimed at bringing sequencing to more patients. Read More 

Big Data Will Create Big Job Void
Computerworld | Gartner says that big data is becoming an engine of job creation. By 2015, big data will create 4.4
million IT jobs globally, of which 1.9 million will be in the U.S. Read More