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Clouds, Drugs and Big Data at Bio-IT Europe 2012
Bio-IT World | VIENNA—Scientists shared some important advances in fields from big data and cloud computing to bioinformatics
and clinical genomics in the beautiful surroundings of Vienna at the fourth annual Bio-IT World Europe conference earlier this
month. Read More 

Rienhoff IDs Genetic Source of Daughter's Illness
Bio-IT World Roundup | Hugh Rienhoff has found the gene responsible for his daughter's extremely rare condition. Bea Rienhoff's
condition stumped doctors and led her father on his own quest in 2007. At an Open Science Summitt on Saturday, he said he found
the point mutation responsible for her illness. Read More 

Can Private Jets For The Poor Save Health Care Dollars?
Bio-IT World Guest Column | The Skeptical Outsider | Few perks of wealth are more widely demonized than the private jet. Yet these very
symbols of power and luxury could save health care dollars by being placed at the disposal of the poor. In what alternate universe is this
possible, you ask? In today’s Rube Goldberg U.S. health care market, where else? Read More 


Frezza on Election, Science Funding
Mendels Pod | Bill Frezza, venture capitalist and Bio-IT World guest columnist (The Skeptical Outsider), talks to Mendels Pod about the
two presidential candidates. Read More 

Ancestry.com Acquired for $1.6 Billion
Wall Street Journal | Ancestry.com has been acquired by a European private equity firm for $1.6 billion. The buyer's goal--sources say--is
expansion into Western Europe. Read More 

ISO Ratifies Cloud Standards
Computerworld | The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has ratified the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI), a set of
protocols defining how companies can safely move data between private and public clouds. Read More 

The Race for Martian DNA
Technology Review | The race to Mars is on! J. Craig Venter and Jonathan Rothberg both have their sights set on sequencing DNA found
on the red planet. Read More 

EC2 I/O Performance Broken Down and Stranger Than Expected
Scalyr Blog | Scalyr Blog breaks down Amazon's EC2 I/O performance with data from over 1,000 EC2 instances, $1,000 in AWS charges
and billions of I/O operations. The results were stranger than they expected. Read More 

Mainframes Considered 'Highly Strategic' Study Finds
CA Technologies | A CA Technologies survey finds that more than 80% of IT decision makers call the mainframe a "highly strategic part of
their IT plans." But  most consider it essential within the realm of their cloud plans. Read More 

DNA Data Storage?
Extreme Tech | George Church and colleague Sri Kosuri at Harvard have successfully stored 5.5 petabits of data — around 700 terabytes —
in a single gram of DNA using the DNA as just another digital storage device. Read More 

Sequencing at Scale: Pros and Cons
NYGC | There are two opinions in sequencing: "bigger is better" and "small is best." Big sequencing centers can scale efficiently, but
sometimes big centers can't meet the specific needs of users. Read More 

Google: Behind the Curtain
Wired | A peek into Google's top secret data center featuring a Google Street View tour and more. Read More