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Does Whole Genome Sequencing Circumvent Gene Patents?
Bio-IT World Guest Commentary | What happens when, during the course of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) a patient or research subject, an investigator sequences and analyzes a disease gene that has been patented? The U.S. Supreme Court will shed some light on this question next year when it issues its ruling in the long-running Myriad Genetics saga. Read More 

Uber-Cloud Experiment Provides Insight into Computing-as-a-Service
Bio-IT World Guest Commentary | After a fast-paced three months, Round 1 of the Uber-Cloud Experiment concluded last month, revealing roadblocks in the computing-as-a-service landscape, solutions, and setting the stage for Round 2, which launched December 1. Read More 

Leveraging Private Cloud Technologies to Improve Prior Investments in Semantic Technologies and Data Warehouses
Bio-IT World Guest Commentary | Pharmaceutical R&D divisions normally possess a significant amount of warehoused legacy data that bears directly on other areas of the enterprise, where a better understanding and reuse of data can be beneficial from a cost and productivity standpoint. Getting that data out of legacy  systems can be difficult, which is one of the reasons that semantic technologies have been sought. Now Cloud technologies can be leveraged to improve the computational issues facing semantic systems. Read More 

Freely Available ALS Database Launched Today
Bio-IT World | A new patient database launched today containing clinical trial records from more than 8,500 ALS patients. Read More 

GPUs Model Maturation of HIV
Bio-IT World | Thanks to a distributed computing platform of NVIDIA GPUs, bioinformaticians at IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute) and UPF (Pompeu Fabra University) have used molecular simulation to explain a specific step in the maturation of HIV. The results were published in the most recent issue of PNAS. Read More 


Big Claims, Big Promise?
Technology Review | Moderna Therapeutics has billed itself the next Genentech. It's raised more than $40 milion and has attracted some big names for its Scientific Advisory Board. But questions remain about the company's RNA technology. Read More 

Complete Collection of SureChem Patent Chemistry Available in PubChem
SureChem Blog | More than 8 million SureChem structures are now available in PubChem, the world's largest free public chemistry database. The structures come from US, EP, and WO patents, and Japan patent abstracts. More than 4 million are unique to SureChem. Read More 

What Amgen's deCODE Purchase Means for Drug Discovery
Xconomy | Does Amgen's purchase of deCODE present a model for counteracting failure rates in drug discovery. Terry McGuire points out: "Amgen acquired deCODE for more than its patents, genetic testing business, or drug development projects..." Read More 

Amgen Buys deCODE
Deal Book | Amgen announced this morning that it would buy Icelandic personal genomics pioneer deCODE for $415 million in cash. deCODE has been plagued by financial woes for years, even while it published genetic discoveries. Read More 

European Universities, Companies Launch Stem Cell Bank
Wall Street Journal | Roche and Oxford University are leading the push to build the world's largest repository of induced pluripotent stem cells. Ten drug companies and 23 universities have joined to launch StemBANCC. Read More 

The 1000 Genomes Project and Not-So-Rare Rare Mutations
NY Genome | The 1000 Genomes project is revealing not-so-rare rare mutations. Of the 1,092 people from 14 populations currently sequenced, more than expected carry rare variations. Researcher theorize that the rate of population growth has exceeded the rate at which natural selection can remove problematic alleles. Read More 

Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD: Battle of the Accelerators
HPC Wire | The competition for the newest high performance computing chips is heating up. Intel is shipping its Xeon Phi GPU competitior chips. NVIDIA has launched a new line of Kepler GPUs. And AMD has  anew FirePro S10000 graphics card. Read More 

BIOBASE to Distribute ANNOVAR Commercially
Herald Online | BIOBASE, in agreement the University of Southern California, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, will now distribute ANNOVAR, a tool for annotation of genomic variants, to commercial users as a standalone product or complement to Genome Trax. Read More 

Disease- vs Target-Based Drug Discovery
Pharmalot | The former head of psychopharmacology at Boehringer Ingelheim, Frank Sams-Dodd, talks about the reason for pharma's decreased productivity, and the ways drug discovery are done that contribute to the problem. Read More