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Krams: How to Popularize the Adaptive Approach
Bio-IT World  | Adaptive clinical trials might be globally embraced if the current preoccupation with fixed trial designs was viewed as an “engineering problem” requiring a lot of talk and teamwork between adaptive design experts, said Michael Krams, MD, vice president & head of the neurology franchise at Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Read More 

Bio-IT World Expo Announces 2013 Keynote Speakers
Bio-IT World | Bio-IT World has announced a pair of renowned keynote speakers and an exciting panel of life science CIOs among the upcoming attractions at its 2013 Conference & Expo, to be held in Boston next Spring (April 9-11, 2013). Read More  

November News and Product Briefs
Bio-IT World | November news and product briefs from Quantum, Remedy Informatics, Autodesk, Interactive Biosoftware, and more. Read More 


Biotech's Class of 2012
Xconomy | Where are the biotech startups for 2012? Xconomy finds them few and far between. Listing "exciting" startups as those with a big idea and at least $5 million in their pockets, Luke Timmerman comes up with only 28. Read More 

ClickClinica App Tracks Global Disease
Guardian | Liverpool University has launched a free app for doctors that records what symptoms their patient has and the treatment they provided. Collect enough of these together, from around the world, and you get real-time global disease surveillance. Read More 

Illumina, BGI Battle Over Complete Genomics
Nature News | The fight for Complete Genomics is not over. BGI and Illumina have both submitted letters arguing that their offer is a better fit to the Complete Genomics board. Read More 

Novartis Calls for Better R&D Processes in the UK
The Telegraph | Novartis has arranged a crisis meeting for British stakeholders in London today in a bid to "streamline Britain’s 'haphazard' approach to medical research and development (R&D)." Read More 

HHMI Launches Film Studio
HHMI | The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is expanding its focus--into film. HHMI today announced the launch of Tangled Bank Studios, a film and media production company for science documentaries. Read More 

Panasas on Hadoop
Datanami | Panasas believes high performance network attached storage (NAS) can offer some rather appealing features for the MapReduce world. Read More 

The Race to Exascale Computing
Computerworld | The US is delaying its push to exascale thanks to budget squeeze, but China is ramping up. Analysts say China hopes to beat the US to exascale. Read More 

Enrolment Update on the Million Veteran Program
Health Affairs Blog | Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched the Million Veteran Program (MVP) in May of last year, and the program now includes more than 100,000 participants. MVP is a mega-database that will hold genomic and clinical information for future studies about veterans. Read More