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Genomics 2012: Narcissomes, Neonates and ENCODE
Bio-IT World | FIRST BASE | From clinical exomes to the clamor over the ENCODE Project, 2012 was a packed year for genomics in both the research and clinical arena, and seemingly sets the stage for a barnstorming, anniversary-rich 2013. Read more 

Encyclopedia Genomica: UK Scientists Print the Book of Life in 130 Volumes
Bio-IT World | Nowadays it is cheaper to sequence the human genome than to print out a full hard copy. We know this because earlier this year, Cas Kramer and a group of scientists at the University of Leicester decided to print out a complete version of the human genome. Read more 

2013 - The Year of Data-Driven Decisions
Bio-IT World | Guest Commentary | Clinical trials (for the most part) are run by talented study managers who rely on experience, anecdotal knowledge, and "gut" instinct to plan and execute them.  While these study managers get trials over the finish line as close as possible to plan, it’s reckless and increasingly difficult to take a cottage-industry approach to managing these multi-million dollar projects.  As trials become more complex, expand globally and extend into new markets, even the most experienced and talented study managers struggle, resulting in highly unpredictable trial costs and timelines across the portfolio.  It’s time to take a fresh approach. Read more 


BGI-Complete Deal Gets Security Clearance
New York Times | The U.S. Government has granted national security clearance to the BGI-Complete Genomics deal. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which reviews the national security implications of foreign takeovers of American companies, gave its approval to the deal over the weekend. Read more 

Parexel Acquires Regulatory Information Management Software
Boston Business Journal | Parexel has acquired Liquent, a provider of regulatory information management software, for $72 million. Parexel says the acquisition will give its clients access to Liquent's InSight software. Read more 

IT Spending in 2013
eWeek | With about half IT heads expecting a budget increase in 2013, outsourced IT resources (read: cloud) and wireless technologies will probably account for most of the increased spending. Read more 

2012 in Review: Cloud Computing and IT
Computerworld | The year of the cloud. Three new major players entered the Infrastructure-as-a-Service scene--Google, HP, and Microsoft--but Amazon kept its #1 spot. Read more 

2012 in Review: Sequencing and Personalized Medicine
Technology Review | Technology Review covers the year's advances in biomedicine. Sequencing continues to get cheaper and more accessible and its implications for medicine continue to evolve. Read more