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SV Bio Launches In Silico Genome Diagnostics Service
Bio-IT World | Today's launch of Silicon Valley Biosystems (SV Bio), an in silico diagnostics company established by Navigenics co-founder Dietrich Stephan, is marked by the resolution of a lengthy diagnostic odyssey in which exome sequencing revealed the underlying mutated gene responsible for two siblings’ neurological disorder. Read More 

2013 Best Practices Extension
Bio-IT World | Bio-IT World is announcing a deadline extension for its 2013 Best Practices awards program. In keeping with extensions given in previous years, the 2013 extended deadline is February 11. Read More 

The Rise of the ARM Server
Bio-IT World | GUEST COMMENTARY | Two years ago, venture capitalist Hermann Hauser boldly predicted the fall of Intel. The tech giant would be crushed, he said, by the mighty ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) Holdings. Such posturing is not uncommon in the world of technology, but the difference in this case was that Hauser was pointing to the business models of the two companies, not the technology per se. Read More 

What’s Fueling Our Growing Loss of Faith in Big Science?
Bio-IT World | The Skeptical Outsider Guest Column| The scientific method is arguably one of the key pillars of Western Civilization. Ironically, the power of science has become so well established that it is now taken as an article of faith by politicians and voters who wouldn’t know the difference between good science and bad if it bit them in the keister. As a result, no society in history has provided as much public, private, and corporate science funding as the United States. Read More 

Bayer HealthCare Launches Singapore-Based Translational Oncology Network
Bio-IT World | SINGAPORE—Bayer HealthCare has launched an Integrated Translational Oncology Network in Singapore to facilitate drug discovery and development specifically for cancers prevalent in Asian populations. Read More 


SAP's HANA is Ready for Prime Time
ReadWriteWeb | HANA, SAP's in-memory database, is now ready to run SAP's enterprise resource planning applications. HANA is capable of both data warehousing and transactions--like forecasting--making both processes much faster. Read More 

Worries for 2013: 150+ Scientific Leaders Chime In
Edge | Edge has posted its annual question and there are some great responses: essays from Steve Pinker, Craig Venter, Brian Eno, Tim O’Reilly, Simon Baron-Cohen, Terry Sejnowski, Eric Topol, Nicholas Carr, Esther Dyson, Juan Enriquez, and a cast of 130 other scientific leaders. Read More 

NIST Workshop Looks at Variant Calling Standards
NGS Leaders | Justin Zook and Marc Salit from the National Institute of Standards and Technology report on the NIST workshop Genome in a Bottle, to develop reference materials, reference methods, and reference data to assess confidence in human whole genome variant calls. Read More 

Making Mechanical Marvels
Nature | Researchers at the University of Manchester have built a robotic ribosome, or at least a nanomachine  that can mimic some of a ribosome's activity. Read More 

Big Data Costs Could Lead to Monitized Data
eWeek | A Gartner study suggests that the rising costs of big data storage is going to lead some businesses trade, barter, or sell their data for funds by 2016. Read More 

Top Tech Picks of 2012
InfoWorld | InfoWorld's Technology of the Year awards recognizes the best tech solutions from 2012. Among them, hardware, software, cloud solutions, and more. Read More