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Moleculo Man: Mickey Kertesz on Illumina’s Long-Read Acquisition 
Bio-IT World | You could have gotten pretty long odds on a major genomics company snapping up a stealth start-up less than one year old, named after a Saturday Night Live character and without a scientific publication to its name. But last month, Moleculo co-founders Mickey Kertesz and Dmitry Pushkarev sold their San Francisco start-up to Illumina. The prize was a proprietary technology—part wet-lab, part computation—for greatly increasing the read-length of short-read next-gen sequencing data, addressing a short-coming in Illumina’s second-generation HiSeq and MiSeq instruments. Read More  

AstraZeneca Establishes First Russian Biobank 
Bio-IT World | AstraZeneca is expanding its biotechnology operations in Russia, through the establishment of the country’s first biobank and a clinical research center in St. Petersburg. Read More  


Picking the Right NGS Supplier 
Opiniomics Blog | All NGS suppliers are not created equal says Mick Watson, manager of a genomics facility at the University of Edinburgh, in a blog post. Data quality can vary dramatically between instruments, teams, and offerings; Watson breaks down what to look for to make sure you're getting the best work for your money. Read More  

New Company Offers Genetic Panel for Parents 
San Francisco Business Journal | Randy Scott's company InVitae is beta testing a panel of genetic conditons--150 now, up to 500 by the end of the year--that parents could use to know what diseases their children may be exposed to. Read More  

Jackson Lab Breaks Ground on Genomic Medicine Center 
UConn Today | The Jackson Lab has broken ground on its new Connecticut buildings--The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. The new center will support research collaborations aiming to uncover genomic causes of human diseases and shape new approaches in personalized medicine to prevent, detect, and treat them. Read More   

New Data Analysis Company Takes on Shape of Data 
New York Times | Ayasdi, a new data analysis start-up based in Palo Alto, is based on a new fundamental technique of mathmatics analysis. The technique analyzes the shape of complex data. Read More  

DNA Reveals Identities, Families 
New York Times | With nothing more than the publically-posted DNA sequences and Google, researchers have identified not only the individuals who donated their genetic materials, but whole families. Read More  

Brenner on Janelia Farm
HHMI Bulletin | Sydney Brenner spends part of his time at Janelia Farm as a senior reserach fellow. He talks with the HHMI Bulletin about what is working at Janelia Farm and what challenges the labs face. Read More 

Big Pharma Rumor Mill
In the Pipeline | It seems to be a season of shake ups in Big Pharma, and Derek Lowe is trading theories. Right now, the predominant ones include changes at Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Read More