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Bio-IT World Expo Preview: Managing Big Data on Genome’s 10th Anniversary
Bio-IT World | This April welcomes the return of the Bio-IT World Expo in Boston (April 11-13, 2013). Over the course of three days, researchers from academia and industry will discuss themes of big data, cloud computing, trends in IT infrastructure, omics technologies, high-performance computing, data analytics and precision medicine, from the research realm to the clinical arena. Read More 

In Conversation: Ashley Van Zeeland, CEO Cypher Genomics
Bio-IT World | The genome interpretation field gets a little more interesting this week with the news that Cypher Genomics, a software start-up co-founded by a notable quartet of Scripps Institute physicians and scientists, is launching its beta access program. The San Diego company was launched by cardiologist Eric Topol, mathematical geneticist Nicholas Schork, bioinformatician Ali Torkamani, and neuroscientist Ashley Van Zeeland, the company’s CEO. Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies recently spoke to Van Zeeland to learn about the company’s goals and core strengths. Read More 

Batten Disease Finding Ends a Diagnostic Odyssey for California Family
Bio-IT World EXCLUSIVE | Three years after Jacob Allingham first began experiencing seizures that worsened into a bewildering and quickly progressing combination of symptoms, the exhausting (and exorbitant) diagnostic odyssey for Jacob and his similarly affected younger brother Dylan has come to an end. Read More 

January Product and News Briefs
Bio-IT World | Briefs for January include news briefs from ERT, Flatiron Health, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Mayo Clinic, CDISC; new products from PerkinElmer; and more. Read More 

Broad Updates GATK Licenses
Bio-IT World Roundup | The Broad has again updated their GATK licenses. In October, Broad announced that commercial users of the GATK would need commercial licenses from Appistry to use GATK 2.0. The move drew complaints from the community. Read More 


Hadoop to be in Most Advanced Analytics by 2015
Computerworld | A Gartner study says the Hadoop programming framework will be the dominant framework in large-scale data analytics by 2015. Read More 

Salk Institute Gets $42 Million for Genomics Center
UT San Diego | The Salk Institute in La Jolla has received $42 million gift from the New York-based Helmsley Charitable Trust that will be used to explore the genomics behind cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Read More 

David Cox, Genomics Leader, Dies 
Forbes | David Cox, a geneticist and senior vice president at Pfizer, died yesterday. Cox was involved in early efforts to sequence the human genome, served as the chief scientific officer for Perlegen, and led Pfizer's genetics research efforts in the Rinat office. Read More 

New HIPAA Rules Increase IT Responsibility
eWeek | A new HIPAA update will make IT companies more liable for data breaches. Business associates—which includes  software developers and data backup services—now must meet the privacy and security rules of HIPAA just like doctors, hospitals and health insurance providers. Read More