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Courtagen Leverages Level 3 to Provide Direct Access to Amazon Cloud
Bio-IT World | WOBURN, MASS.—Although it didn’t require digging up any local roads in the end, a small biotech company has struck a partnership in life sciences with Level 3 Communications to create a seamless and secure data link that pipes genomic data directly from its laboratory just outside Boston to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud facility in Ashburn, Northern Virginia. Read More

NetApp Eyes Opportunities in Health Care Data Storage
Bio-IT World | Whatever happened to NetApp? When Bio-IT World launched in 2002, NetApp was one of the big names in big data storage in the biotech and life sciences arena. But over the past decade, while brand names such as Isilon, EMC, BlueArc, Quantum, Panasas, DDN and many others have cashed in on the data deluge, NetApp kept at best a very low profile in the space. But there are strong signs that NetApp is turning things around. Read More

Selventa Says Systems Diagnostics is Key to Harnessing Patient Data
Bio-IT World | To hear any CEO claim that their company has become “the premier big data analytics company focused on personalized healthcare” might raise an eyebrow or two. When the company in question is a small software firm that underwent a name change just 18 months ago, that is certainly the case. Read More


EMC Supports 4 TB Drives
HPCwire | EMC today announced support for 4 terabyte drives for EMC Isilon's industry-leading scale-out NAS solutions. Read More

Opscode Releases Chef 11
TechCrunch | Opscode has delivered Chef 11 with the help of Facebook. Chef 11 has been rewritten with the Erlang programming language and the PostgreSQL database. Read More

Life Tech Helps ID Libyan Remains
U-T San Diego | Life Technologies is assisting in an effort to identify tens of thousands of remains found in mass graves in Libya. Life Tech is donating infrastructure, including the expertise, training, and the forensic instruments and materials to validate the workflow and process DNA samples from about 20,000 people. Read More

PLOS and Dryad Assign DOIs to PLOS Genetics Articles
PLOS Blog | PLOS and Dryad are expanding their integration to PLOS Genetics. The partnership applies data identiers (DOIs) to data "packages" associated with published articles so authors, editors, and readers can access underlying data along with the published results. Read More

Computational Challenges of Protein Function Prediction
News Brief | A worldwide effort encompassing 102 researchers and students from 30 research groups working over 2 years tackled the computational challenges of protein function prediction. The results were published this week in Nature Methods. Read More

Oracle's IaaS Plans
InformationWorld | Oracle shared their infrastructure-as-a-service plan yesterday in a conference call with the press. The plan would boost the company's hardware usage while building its cloud subscription numbers. Read More