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BitSpeed Pushes Software Solutions for High-Speed Data Transfer
Bio-IT World | Transporting big data is a big problem, but an LA-based start-up called BitSpeed believes its software tools, based on TCP (transmission control protocol), can provide a viable and cost-effective solution for life sciences organizations. Read More

Cycle Computing CTO James Cuff on Clouds, On-Demand Computing and Package Holidays
Bio-IT World | The new Chief Technology Officer at Cycle Computing, James Cuff, spent the past seven years as working “at the interface of science and advanced computing technologies,” providing a breadth of high-performance computing, storage and software expertise, all the while striving to manage a monstrous surge in data. In his new position, Cuff aims to apply some of his insights and ideas to an even bigger canvas. Cuff spoke to Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies and shared his views about big data, cloud computing, and the future of research computing. Read More

Strand Gets Burrill Seal of Approval
Bio-IT World | Strand Life Sciences is no biotech newcomer, but the Bangalore, India-based company is getting a burst of new attention after San Francisco-based Burrill & Company today announced a multi-million dollar investment in the company. The new funds will be used to accelerate the growth of the company's evolution into precision diagnostics in health care and expand Strand's reach into global markets, the company says. Read More

Pan-European Biological Infrastructure Director Named
Bio-IT World News Brief | Niklas Blomberg has been named the Founding Director of ELIXIR, the pan-European infrastructure for biological information that officially entered its implementation phase in January 2013. Read More


IBM Releases Cloud Self Storage Software
Computerworld | IBM has announced SmartCloud Storage Access, software that gives users a portal to provision storage for their own computers. The tool provides users a web-based nterface into a corporate private cloud infrastructure that's supported by EMC's Storwize V7000 Unified storage array or IBM's Scale-Out NAS (SONAS) array. Read More

Dell's Buyout to Open Doors for HP?
Computerworld | When Dell finalized its buyout, it opening the door for HP to take over customers, HP said yesterday in a statement. The statement comes amid rumors that HP's board is also considering major changes to the company. Read More

IBM Moves Watson Technology to Servers
Computerworld | IBM is moving some of the hardware and software technology behind Watson to the company's new Power Express servers. Companies can use the new servers to analyze warehouses of data, and to answer complex queries with high levels of confidence. Read More

Merck Shares Fall After Q4 Reports
Philly.com | Merck has been downgraded by analysts due to struggles with Vytorin and Zocor. Q4 results announced last week raised questions about the drugs success and led to a 2.3% fall in share places. Read More