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February News and Product Briefs
Bio-IT World | News and product briefs from around the industry. Non-invasive prenatal test launches; advances in clinical genomic diagnostics; LIMS for genomics; and products from IO Informatics, BBK Worldwide, and more. Read More


HP and Texas Instruments Pursue ARM Servers
Computerworld | HP is striving to build ARM servers with Texas Instruments chips. HP's Project Moonshot hopes to deliver low-power servers with either Intel or ARM processors. Read More

Online Archive Unveiled for Watson/Crick Anniversary

FT Magazine | On the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA, a treasury of archives is to be placed online by the Wellcome Library including Crick's pencil drawing of the double helix, photos of the researchers at work, letters between Crick and Maurice Wilkins, and an early draft of the Nature paper. Read More

Cutting Costs Starting With Phase 3 Trials
Bloomberg | Federal cost cutting measures should look no farther than the FDA, argues an op ed in Bloomberg. First on the chopping block: Phase 3 clinical trials. Read More

Data Mining Predicts IVF Success
Techonomy | A new startup out of Stanford is using data-mining techniques to predict whether or not IVF will succeed. Univfy compares personal health information with large data sets of previous IVF data to predict a woman's likely response. Read More

Cycle on the Cloud Turning Point
HPC Wire | 2012 was a big year for Cycle Computing and utility supercomputing. Jason Stowe of Cycle says that 2012 was a turning point for the industry. Read More

Ion Torrent's Newest Gene Machine
Spectrum | A personal genome exploration, Eliza Strickland goes to Ion Torrent's headquarters for a look inside Jonathan Rothberg's newest machine--the Ion Proton System--and her own genome. Read More

Researchers Solve 3D Crystal Structure of GPCRs
News Brief | A research team at Weill Cornell Medical College has solved the 3D crystal structure of a member protein in one of the most important classes of human proteins—the G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The results were published yesterday in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. Read More

IBM's Watson Moves Closer to Medicine
The Atlantic | Watson is reading your medical records--or at least some case histories at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. The IBM supercomputer is learning to make diagnoses and recommend treatments. Read More

Crick Double Helix Letter to His Son Goes on Auction Block
New York Times | 60 years ago this week, James Watson pieced together the final pieces of a model of DNA and, together with his colleague Francis Crick, constructed the iconic double helix model. The classic paper by Crick and Watson wasn’t published in Nature for a further two months, but three weeks after the model was made, Crick relayed the discovery and its significance in a remarkable letter to his 12-year-old son Michael. “My dear Michael, Jim Watson and I have probably made a most important discovery,” begins the letter. Read More

Sequencing the Island: Faroe Citizens to be Sequenced En Masse
Bloomberg | The Faroe Islands' 50,000 inhabitants are offering up their DNA for research. The plan is for every citizen to be sequenced, and to use the data for medical research. Read More