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 Bits and SNPs: Atul Butte and Medicine in the Era of Big Data 
Bio-IT World | One of the most surprising parts of Atul Butte’s lab website is his open-access calendar. At the bottom of his profile page, Butte, Chief of the Division of Systems Medicine at Stanford University and a keynote speaker for the Bio-IT World Expo on April 10, lists his daily commitments, instructions for making an appointment, and his assistant’s phone number. The message is subtle, but clear: personal data cannot stay personal for long if Big Data will succeed in medicine. Read More 

Complete Genomics Acquisition Final Bio-IT World News Brief | BGI-Shenzhen has completed its acquisition of Complete Genomics through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beta Acquisition Corporation. Read More 

Steven Salzberg on Microbial Genomes, Open Access, Flu Shots and Gene Patents Bio-IT World | Steven Salzberg, computer scientist at Johns Hopkins University, is the winner of the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Award, presented annually by the Bioinformatics Organization. He spoke to Kevin Davies about the highlights of his lab’s research over the past 15 years and his philosophy on open-source and open access. Read More 

Illumina to Pay $96m in Patent Damages
News Brief | A judge in Tacoma, Washington, has ordered Illumina to pay $96 million in damages to Syntrix Biosystems for infringing upon its bead array patent. Read More 

Sirtris Closes, Other ReOrg Plans at GSK Bio-IT World Roundup | Yesteday afternoon GSK announced that it was closing its Sirtris Pharmaceuticals offices in Cambridge, Mass. Close on the heels of the announcement, rumors swirled about other GSK reorganizations. Read More 

Nobel Laureate Jack Szostak on RNA Evolution, Drug Discovery Chemistry Bio-IT World Video | Jack Szostak, Nobel laureate, will be keynoting CHI’s Drug Discovery Chemistry conference in San Diego in April. In this video sneak peak, he and Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies discuss the role of academics in R&D, the exciting world of macrocyclic peptides, and his plan to one-up evolution. Read More 

Nabsys Closes $20 Million Financing Round Bio-IT World | Nabsys has closed a $20 million Series D financing to support the commercial launch of the company’s positional sequencing system. The company previewed its pre-beta instrument at AGBT last month, giving early users the chance to see the technology at work. Read More



FindZebra: A Search Engine for Rare Disease Technology Review | FindZebra bests Google at the rare disease hunt. The new search engine is dedicated to identifying rare diseases using an index of databases including the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database and more. Read More 

Cuts and Reorgs at AstraZeneca Bloomberg | AstraZeneca announced that it will cut 1,600 jobs in an overhaul of the company's research and development efforts. The cuts will hopefully save the company $1.4 billion. Read More 

Complete Genomics Tender Offer Finished GEN | BGI has successfully completed its tender offer for all outstanding shares of Complete Genomics, the Chinese firm said today. Read More 

Study Launched to Measure Benefits, Risks of Genetic Information
UCSF | University of California San Francisco is launching a four-year, $2.4 million project to analyze how physicians and patients in the general population, as well as those given whole genome sequencing results in a clinical trial, evaluate the benefits and risks of genetic information. Read More 

Genomics on the Big Screen NGS Leaders |It’s been over 15 years since Gattaca took genetics to the big screen and pushed the boundaries of the public’s imagination. But where is genomic science reflected in Hollywood today? Author and director Brett Bonowicz hopes to answer that with ThePerfect46, a film that explores where genetics and social networks overlap. Read More 

Questions Linger Over Hopkins Research Study and Co-Author’s Apparent Suicide
Washington Post | Apparent suicide and potential scandal are two unsavory elements surrounding a disputed article published by a noted Johns Hopkins research group in Nature six months ago. Read More 

23andMe Founder on the Genetic Revolution
Guardian | 23andMe founder, Anne Wojcicki, talks genomics and why everyone should get on board. Read More 

HeLa Cells Sequenced
Science 2.0 | HeLa cells, the immortal cell line commonly used for biologic research, have been sequenced, and the findings reveal vast differences between HeLa cells and normal human cells including number and structure of chromosomes. Read More 

AWS Expands Elastic Beanstalk
Computerworld | Amazon Web Services has expanded its Elastic Beanstalk to include Node.js. Now Node.js developers can run and scale their applications automatically in Elastic Beanstalk. Read More 

DNA Parts for Sale
Nature | BIOFAB  is open for business, dealing in DNA parts--sequence sections that biologists can fit together to engineer cells. Read More