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March Product and News Briefs
Bio-IT World | News briefs for March including updates from Ingenuity, GeneInsight, University of Auckland, and the Research Resonance Network. New products from SoftGenetics, Accelrys, Cynvenio Biosystems, SGI, PerkinElmer and more. Read More

UK Biobank and Affymetrix Sign 500,000-Sample Genotyping Agreement
Bio-IT World | UK Biobank and Affymetrix have signed a contract to genotype 500,000 DNA samples donated by UK residents as part of a prospective epidemiological study of complex diseases that are of great relevance to public health using Affymetrix’ Axiom Genotyping Solution. Read More

Ra Pharmaceuticals and the Pursuit of Peptide Drugs
Bio-IT World Video | Doug Treco, president & CEO of Ra Pharmaceuticals, will be presenting at CHI’s Drug Discovery Chemistry conference in San Diego in April. He gives Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies some insight into the world of cyclomimetics. Read More

Systems Biology Initiative Plans Computer-Simulated Skin Model
News Brief | Bio-Modeling Systems (BMSystems) of France and Persistent Systems of India are launching a joint systems biology research and development initiative that will marry non-mathematical heuristic modeling with mathematical modeling designed to increase the success rates of drug discovery and formulation development. Read More

Bibliogo is RSS Reader for Life Sciences
Bio-IT World Product Brief | Looking for a Google Reader replacement? Bibliogo is an RSS reader designed specifically for science, says Reprints Desk. Read More

AstraZeneca Cuts More Jobs; Signs $240M+ Agreement with Moderna
Bio-IT World Roundup | Lots of news for AstraZeneca this morning. The company announced plans to cut 2300 sales and administrative jobs and plans to focus on respiratory, inflammation & autoimmunity; cardiovascular & metabolic disease; and oncology. The company also announced a major agreement with Moderna Therapeutics, starting with a $240 million upfront payment for mRNA research. Read More

Complete Genomics Acquisition Final
Bio-IT World News Brief | BGI-Shenzhen has completed its acquisition of Complete Genomics through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beta Acquisition Corporation. Read More


2012 Growth Year for HPC Market
eWeek | 2012 saw record revenues in the high-performance computer market, led by IBM and HP. Supercomputers led the growth, with a 29.3% increase in revenues. Read More

History of OpenStack and NASA
ComputerWorld | The OpenStack cloud platform got IBM's vote of approval earlier this month. The technology was originally tied to NASA's Nebula project a 2008. Read More

IBM's Ion Current Chips
eWeek | IBM’s scientists discovered a new way to operate chips using tiny ionic currents, which are streams of charged atoms that could mimic the event-driven way in which the human brain operates. Read More

AMCG Releases Recommendations for Dealing with Sequencing Findings
Nature | The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics yesterday released recommendations for how genome-sequencing laboratories should report incidental findings after a doctor orders a genome sequence. It defines a minimum list of about 60 genes and 30 conditions that should be reported to the doctor as part of a patient’s care, whether the patient wants to know them or not. Read More

Big Data Freeway in San Diego
New York Times | Larry Smarr and his team at UC  San Diego are about to open the “Big Data freeway system” for next-gen data projects including genomic sequencing. The new network--Prism--is based on an optical switch developed by Arista Networks. Read More

Following the Gleevec Blueprint
Xconomy | Blueprint Medicines has reunited the team behind Gleevec—Nick Lydon, Brian Druker, and Charles Sawyers. The startup, backed with a $40 million Series A financing from Third Rock Ventures and Fidelity Biosciences in 2011, believes now is the time for more drugs like the cancer blockbuster. Read More

A Look at Gene Patents and Myriad
PBS | On April 15, the Supreme Court will again hear a case against Myriad Genetics' gene patents. Though the legal debate is unlikely to end there, the decision could have implications for personalized medicine. Even the researcher who was originally responsible for the Myriad patent of BRCA2 has changed his tune." Read More

DNA Editing Protein
Forbes | They were trying to find a better way to make yogurt, but instead, they stumbled across a bacterial immune system and a protein that finds very specific DNA sequences. George Church's lab proved that the protein could make multiple, specific edits to a cell's DNA at once. From here, the possibilities are endless. Read More