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Amgen Mulls Future of deCODE’s Clinical Sequence Miner Platform 

Bio-IT World | BOSTON—An interview with Kari Stefansson, the co-founder, CEO, heart and soul of deCODE Genetics, is an experience quite unlike any other biotech executive briefing. Stefansson agreed to an interview during a pit stop in Boston late year, en route to Los Angeles for a trip that was part business, part pleasure. He would be paying a visit to Amgen. A few weeks later, Amgen announced that it was acquiring the Icelandic firm for a cool $415 million. Read More 

Davies on Bioinformatics, Genomics 

MendelsPod | Bio-IT World’s own Kevin Davies, editor-in-chief, shares his thoughts on bioinformatics. This last year has
seen a flowering of new companies offering genome interpretation and reporting, but what will success for these early
entrants look like?  Read More 

Cycle Computing Launches ZeroCompute 

Bio-IT World News Brief | CycleComputing is set to revolutionize supercomputing with their new offering today: ZeroCompute.
The new intelligent orchestration software is designed to accelerate access to HPC and BigData systems.  Read More 

IT's Role Combating the Alien Invader 

Bio-IT World Video | At the Bio-IT World Expo last year, an all star panel took on the challenges of combating cancer and
 “characterizing the alien invader”. Our opportunities in cancer therapies are driven by the availability of data, the panel
contented, and our challenges lie in integrating the data. On the eve of the 2013 event, we evaluate our progress.  Read More 


IBM Provides Almost One Fifth of Cloud Infrastructure 

eWeek | The cloud infrastructure market grew for most major players in the last quarter of 2012, but IBM's share of the market
hit a two-year high.  Read More 

Genetic Marketing? Apparently It's On the Way 

Wired | Miinome--a new start up boasting George Church as an advisor--is building a platform that will enable retailers to target
advertisements to consumers based on their genetic makeup.  Read More 

Next in Cloud: DaaS, MaaS, DRaaS 

ReadWrite | Cloud spending is only set to increase in 2013, and according to Gartner, offerings will become more specialized. The
company predicts Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS) and DisasterRecovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to lead the
new product market in 2013.  Read More 

Amazon-Stored Data Exposed Thanks to Faulty User Settings 

eWeek | A security audit found that one in six data storage "buckets" on Amazon's S3 storage service is incorrectly set to public.
Conducted by vulnerability firm Rapid7, the audit scanned over 12,000 buckets.  Read More 

Canadian Scientist Declines Gairdner Award 

The Scientist | Michael Houghton, a Canadian microbiologist and immunologist, declined the prestigious Gairdner International Award
because he said two colleagues were also deserving of the prize.  Read More 

Small Data Centers Move to the Cloud 

ComputerWorld | Day is waning for small in-house data centers, says ComputerWorld. Large firms have been consolidating data centers
 for a while now, but the trend is now trickling down to smaller groups.  Read More 

The Newest 'Ome' for Sequencing Studies: the Squishome 

GigaScience | Ready for the next frontier of NGS research? Bug guts. Today in GigaScience, researchers publish a "squishomics" approach
 to studying biodiversity.  Read More 

Privacy Debates Over HeLa Cell Sequence 

ScienceInsider | A debate has been raging over the ethics of sequencing the HeLa cell line without the consent of Henrietta Lacks' family,
and many in the community have weighed in.  Read More 

Nimbus Releases New Flash Storage Software 

SemiAccurate | Nimbus Data released a software suite--Halo 2013--for their flash storage offerings. The software is a free update for existing
customers and brings an analysis system, API, and mobile monitoring suite.  Read More