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Early News and Notes from the Expo Floor 

Bio-IT World News Brief | The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo begins in Boston this afternoon, and the Expo hall
has been bustling as the more than 125 exhibiting companies set up their booths. Here are just some of the early
news and announcements coming off the Expo floor so far.  Read More 

Better Integrating Pharma with CRO Partners 

Bio-IT World | Contributed Commentary | Today’s pharmaceutical industry embraces the electronic laboratory
notebook (ELN) as a staple within its labs. Deployments have helped reduce paper, generate efficiencies, provide
greater visibility to data, drive standardization and increase collaboration. Within major pharmaceutical companies,
the ELN has been a tremendous tool for driving productivity and accelerating the discoveries that speed new and
improved drugs to market. Our next focus, as ELN vendors, must be to improve the integration of electronic data
capture and sharing with our pharmaceutical customers’ external client systems. Read More 

Ingenuity, Affymetrix Co-Promote Tools 

Bio-IT World News Brief | Ingenuity Systems and Affymetrix have announced that they will co-promote Ingenuity
 iReport with Affymetrix expression microarray products, coupling statistical analysis and biological interpretation
 workflow with a gene expression platform. Read More 

Arpeggi’s Harmonious Approach to NGS Data Analysis 

Bio-IT World | While there has been considerable focus of late on new bioinformatics approaches and platforms for
the downstream interpretation of genome sequences in a clinical context, there is still a lot of work to be done to
improve the quality and consistency of next-gen sequencing variant calling and read alignment. Arpeggi, co-founded
 by CEO Nir Leibovich, hopes to interface with the community to help establish standards and best practices for
NGS data analysis. Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies recently asked Leibovich to outline his company’s core strengths
 and business proposition. Read More 

Life Sciences Survey Reveals IT Outlooks and Plans for 2013 

Bio-IT World | The first in an annual series, Bio-IT World's 2013 Life Sciences IT Survey captures a host of trends in
bio-IT for the coming year. The forecast: increasing budgets, almost certain data increases, and more clouds.
Read More 

New Life Tech Products Use Compendia Gene Database 

Bio-IT World Product Briefs | Life Technologies Corporation announced two new offerings this morning that give users
 access to the large genomics database compiled by Compendia Biosciences, which the company acquired in October 2012.
Read More 

From Junk DNA to Junk Economics: Beware the Inexorable Sovietization of Big Science 

Bio-IT World | The Skeptical Outsider |The controversy surrounding the $400-million Encode project’s dubious public
relations claims surrounding the function of ‘junk DNA’ and the Battelle Institute’s defense of the $3-billion Human Genome
Project (HGP) as economically beneficial (as cited in the recent State of the Union address) make this a good time to
examine President Obama’s attempts to bring more of American science under centralized direction and control. 
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Google Offers IaaS to Gold Support Customers 

eWeek | Google is granting access to its Google Compute Engine cloud environment, offering infrastructure-as-a-service.
The access is for customers of its Gold Support package. Read More 

Pfizer and BIND Therapeutics Sign Nanotech Drug Deal 

Boston Globe | BIND Therapeutics (recently rechristened from BIND Biosciences) has signed a $160 million per drug
collaboration with Pfizer to develop targeted medicines with nanotechnology. Read More 

The Most Dangerous Words in Genetics 

Wired | Geneticist Steve Jones captures the most dangerous words in genetics: "the gene for." Read More 

Obama Launches Brain Map 

New York Times | Following hints of the announcement after his State of the Union address in January, President Obama will
today formally launch the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, or Brain for short. Read More