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Deanna Church on the Reference Genome Past, Present and Future 

Bio-IT World | Few have spent as much time gazing upon the Reference as Deanna Church at the National Center for
Biotechnology Information. Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies skyped with Church to hear her personal assessment of
 the current state of the Reference, the degree of progress in the past decade and priorities for the future. Read More 

Cycle Computing Releases Data Transfer and Storage Solution 

Bio-IT World | Cycle Computing has announced the release of DataManager, a new solution that schedules and manages
the secure transfer and storage of data sets needed for large scale computations from lower cost cloud storage solutions,
such as Amazon Glacier. Read More 

Flying Cars and Adaptive Drug Design: What are the Big Promises for Drug Discovery 

Bio-IT World | BOSTON—As the opening keynote at the 2013 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, Andrew Hopkins started with
the hard questions: Where are the flying cars? Read More 

Open Science, Open Data, Open Access 

Bio-IT World | BOSTON–In two compelling presentations at the Bio-IT World Conference* last week, Atul Butte and Steven
Salzberg provided formidable advocacy for the virtues of open data and open science. Read More 


Big Biotech Growing Faster than Big Pharma Says Burrill Report 

PharmaTimes | A new report from Burrill, says that Big Biotech has outpaced Big Pharma in terms of growth of sales, income,
investment in R&D and market cap during the past three years. Read More 

Challenges of Software Licensing in the Cloud 

ComputerWorld | Software licenses for the Cloud present their own, unique challenges. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and
platform as a service (PaaS) present the most problems because the customer has shared control over what is run in the cloud
environment. Read More
Out With Cloud, In With Big Data 

ReadWrite | The cloud is officially boring, analysts say. Based on Google search data, the next big thing? Big data. Read More 

Genomics Tools for Myeloma Research 

FastCompany | Kathi Giusti and John Quackenbush discuss the number-one problem in pharma--data kept within the walls of the
academic centers and within companies--and what to do about it. Read More 

BGI's Kung Fu Aspirations 

Asian Scientist | If BGI had a representative mascot, what would it be? The kung fu panda, naturally. Why? "It is humble, nice,
good-looking, cute, soft, but knows kung fu," Wang Jun explains. Read More