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 NIH Seeks New ADDition in a Data Science Director 

Bio-IT World | BETHESDA, MD—With two weeks left to the application deadline, the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
is still searching for the ideal candidate to fill a plumb new job in biomedical data science. Read More 

Sandy Aronson on GeneInsight 

Bio-IT World Video | Sandy Aronson, Executive Director of IT of the Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized
Genetic Medicine (PCPGM), speaks with Bio-IT World Editor Kevin Davies about the GeneInsight IT platform. Read More 

Personalizing an End to Cancer 

Bio-IT World | BOSTON—In a presentation marked by equal parts melancholy and excitement, Dr. Kevin Hrusovsky
spoke at the 2013 Bio-IT World Expo on some of the recent advancements and setbacks in cancer therapeutics. Read More 

John Halamka on the Future State of Care 

Bio-IT World Video | Major changes loom on the horizon for health care. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center shares his outlook on the future state of care with Bio-IT World Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Davies. Read More 

It's Time for Wheels on the Big Data Sports Car 

Bio-IT World | Guest Commentary | Our ‘always-on’ digital world has made data a key resource which is fundamentally
 changing our lives. We’re swimming in it—oceans of it. So why are we still bemoaning a lack of open access to decision
-making data and an innovation deficit? Big Data is here, so how do we make sense of this brave new world? Read More 

Swing Batter, Batter: GPUs and Baseball 

Bio-IT World News Brief | A pair of researchers in Japan has used NVIDIA GPUs and the CUDA parallel programming model
to create a 100,000-neuron simulation of the human cerebellum. And then they taught a robot to hit a baseball. The work
was begun at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, and was published online in Neural Networks last February. Read More 

Roche Shuts Down Third-Generation NGS Research Programs 

Bio-IT World | News that Roche is merging and laying off some 170 workers in Germany and Branford, CT, does not bode
well for its efforts to reclaim some momentum in next-generation sequencing. Read More 

AstraZeneca Builds Up Swedish R&D Potential 

Bio-IT World | Astra Zeneca continues to build up its R&D potential. The company announced its plans to strengthen its
relationship with the Stockholm-based Karolinska Institute (KI), one of Europe's largest and most prestigious medical
universities. Read More 


NVIDIA Cancels Latest Kepler GPU Line 

SemiAccurate | SemiAccurate reports that NVIDIA has canceled its GK11x line in its Kepler GPU family, replacing it with a
reworked GK10x. The rollback is a red flag for NVIDIA, SemiAccurate says. Read More 

What the Thermo-Life Tech Deal Means for Illumina 

Xconomy | Luke Timmerman argues that the Thermo/Life Technologies deal is only good news for Illumina. Big mergers present
organizational challenges, and while Thermo and Life and sorting out the details, Illumina can carry on with its market leading
technology. Read More 

Big Data, Big Loopholes 

Computerworld | Big data can be a big security headache. The biggest security loophole? The Hadoop cluster, according to security
company Zettaset. Read More 

Opscode, IBM to Offer Chef Server in IBM SmartCloud 

eWeek | Opscode, the maker of open-source automation platform Chef, is collaborating with IBM. IBM will support Chef Server in
IBM SmartCloud. Read More 

AWS Increases Security Offerings 

Computerworld | Amazon Web Services (AWS) is planning to increase the level of protection users can get in its cloud with hosted
intrusion protection appliances and more extensive encryption features. Read More 

Watson's Coming Challenges 

Forbes | The challenges for IBM's Watson extend beyond just knowing the scientific literature. That part is easy for the supercomputer.
Read More 

GSK Invests in Drug Discovery Startups 

Xconomy | GlaxoSmithKline is providing as much as $465 million in startup funds for Avalon Ventures to invest in drug-discovery
companies over the next three years. Read More 

Big Investments Behind Precision Medicine 

New York Times | Major medical centers are gearing up for a push for precision medicine. Skeptics would claim it's all a bit premature.
But Robert C. Green at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston counters, "What was there to look up on the Internet when the first
person got a personal computer? Very little.” Read More