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The Model Approach to Drug Development

Bio-IT World | In a presentation at the Bio-IT World Expo last month, Anna Kondic of Merck & Co. highlighted
some recent successes and shortfalls of computer models in the development of cancer drugs. Read More

Foundation Medicine Partners with Memorial Sloan-Kettering on Genomic Diagnostic for Blood Cancers

Bio-IT World | Foundation Medicine and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center today announced a partnership to
release a molecular diagnostic product designed to match patients with hematologic cancers (leukemia, lymphoma
or myeloma) with the most rational targeted therapies or clinical trials for their cancer. This new product will
complement FoundationOne, Foundation Medicine’s first product launched last year, which offers a similar genomic
profile for solid tumors. Read More

Mount Sinai Chooses Sapio LIMS

Bio-IT World News Brief | Just a few months after the New York Genome Center chose Sapio's Exemplar LIMS as its
 primary lab management and electronic lab notebook (ELN), the Genomics Core Facility at The Mount Sinai Medical
Center has followed suit. Read More

Kevin Davies on the HGP 10th Anniversary and the March to the $1,000 Genome

Bio-IT World | On DNA Day, April 25, a parade of leading genome scientists gathered at NIH to celebrate the 10th anniversary
of the completion of the Human Genome Project (HGP). Rounding out an outstanding list of speakers, including NIH Director
Francis Collins, ENCODE project leader Ewan Birney, Princeton geneticist David Botstein and experts in evolutionary and population
genetics, healthcare and cancer, was Bio-IT World editor Kevin Davies. Read More

Back to Asia: A Sneak Peak of Bio-IT World Asia

Bio-IT World | Bio-IT World is hosting its second annual Bio-IT World Asia event in Singapore at the end of May—expanded to five
tracks. If the plush location at the Marina Bay Sands hotel wasn’t incentive enough, there are four days packed with essential life
sciences programming covering IT infrastructure, the cloud, clinical and cancer genomics, bioinformatics and more. Read More


Incidental Findings in the Genomic Age

Huffington Post | The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics recommended that all labs doing genomic sequencing
 look at 57 genes for mutations that could cause one of 24 life-threatening, but treatable conditions. This is medicine in the
genomic age. Read More

Win-Win Solution for Cancer Drugs

Harvard Business Review | Cancer drugs are expensive to make and expensive for patients. Last week 100 cancer specialists
published an op ed in Blood claiming that the high cost of drugs is preventing some patients from being treated. But there is
a win-win solution. Read More

Benchmarking Amazon's Cloud

Computerworld | When it comes to benchmarking cloud performance, it's not a straightforward task. Everything from operating
system to time of day can impact the results. Computerworld takes on Amazon's EC2 and compares types of instances and times
of day across several benchmarks, several times. They report back which instances worked, which crashed, and where the
variability might come from. Read More

Intel's New CEO, the Interconnect, and Cray

HPC Wire | Intel announced a new CEO yesterday, signaling changes at the company.  Intel might now be more inclined to boost
efforts with its QLogic and Cray products more aggressively. Read More

Amazon Offers Cloud Certification

ComputerWorld | Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a Global Certification Program to certify the technical skills associated
with "building secure and reliable cloud-based applications using AWS technology," Amazon said. Read More