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The Last First Base 

Bio-IT World | First Base | I received an email alert over the weekend with the following title: "Kevin Davies Reflects on
Emotional Goodbye." The story was about a professional soccer player in the UK leaving the club he had captained and
served for ten years. Coincidentally, I'm also doing a spot of reflection, for this is my last First Base editor's column for
Bio-IT World. Read More 

PRO-ACT: Bigger and Better ALS Database Open for Mining 

Bio-IT World | Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research is getting a major boost from a newly launched Pooled Resource
 Open-access ALS Clinical Trials (PRO-ACT) platform, which has amassed more than 8,500 de-identified clinical patient records
into a single, harmonized dataset. Multiple pharmaceutical companies are now actively exploring PRO-ACT, seeking ways to
streamline clinical trials and develop better treatments for the rare and highly heterogeneous disease more commonly known
 as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Read More 

EMC Storage, Cloud, and Life Sciences Announcements 

Bio-IT World Roundup | EMC rolled out several announcements this week during their EMC World event including updates on
their life sciences suite, network-attached storage, and hybrid clouds. Read More 



Big Data for Personalized Health 

Boston.com | GNS Healthcare's Colin Hill has been around for a while. But now is time for big data in personalized medicine, he
says.  Read More 

Researchers Find 10% of Heart Disease Due to Spontaneous Mutations 

Yale News | Yale researchers scanned the genomes of 1800 individuals and found that 10% of congenital heart disease is due to
de novo mutations, not found in affected newborn's parents. Read More 

The Man Behind the Privacy Wake Up Call 

Nature News | When Yaniv Erlich published his work in Science identifying members of the 1000 Genomes Project, even he was
surprised at how easy it was. “When he first saw the results, Erlich said later, he was so shocked at how easily the method worked
 that he had to go outside and take a walk,” Nature News reports. Read More 

Salk Researchers Find Stem Cell Epigenetic Markers 

e Science News | Salk Institute of Biological Sciences finds epigenetic markers influence stem cells in human development. By
studying various epigenetic influences, researchers examined the beginning states of cells before they differentiated. Read More 

Sequestration and the US Brain Drain 

Huffington Post | What does the sequestration mean for science? One researcher says it will mean an exodus from science for young
scientists as National Institute of Health grants are denied and top talent can’t find work—the ultimate brain drain. Read More 

Pharma Trends: Less Pills, More Money 

Forbes | IMS Health today released a report through its Institute for Healthcare Informatics saying that overall spending on U.S.
medicinesdropped fell 3.5% in 2012. Read More