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Small Data Finding Could Help Big Data Quality  

Bio-IT World Guest Commentary | I get to have the most fun when someone wants to collaborate on a crazy idea.But crazy ideas come with unexpected challenges, too. Our paper on how dispensing methods affect datasets waspublished in PLOS ONE a week ago, and we would not have predicted the polarizing effect it has had. Read More  


Big R&D Spenders: Pharma and Chips
In the Pipeline | Derek Lowe breaks down how much various companies and sectors spend on R&D. The big spenders?
Drug discovery and semiconductor companies. Read More

Speed in the Consumer CloudReadWrite Cloud | ReadWrite tests the speed of the top file-transfer/file-storage
/file-backup services: Dropbox, Google
Drive, Amazon Cloud, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Read More

The Elusive ExascaleHPC Wire | Horst Simon believes we won’t be achieving exascale computing any time
 soon. Read More

BMS Set to Win on Cancer CombinationsForbes | Bristol-Myers Squibb's approved drug, Yervoy, is being
 tested in combination with several experimental drugs to
treat advanced melanoma. Read More

Personalized Medicine's Season
Wall Street Journal | The diagnostics market is its most attractive since 2007,
and health care is the best performing sector of the public market right now. Read More

The Cost of SequencingOpinionmics | If you want to talk about the cost of sequencing--how it's going down
and by how much, Mick Watson has 
plotted it all out. Read More 

Cliff Reid on Complete After BGIMendelsPod | Complete Genomics CEO, Cliff Reid, talks about the future after
 BGI’s buyout. Read More