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Research and the Public Cloud: Potential and Pitfalls 
Bio-IT World | SINGAPORE—Jumping on the public cloud bandwagon could go a long way toward alleviating data storage, retrieval and archival woes currently experienced by the research industry, said Chris Dagdigian, founding partner and director of technology, The BioTeam. Dagdigian gave his annual “Trends from the Trenches” keynote address at Bio-IT World Asia last week in Singapore. Read More 
Stapled Peptides: Targeting the “Undruggable” 
Bio-IT World | SINGAPORE—Sir David Lane kicked off the 2013 Bio-IT World Asia conference this week by describing an alternative paradigm for drug discovery and development: using stapled peptides to target protein-protein interactions. Read More 
Researchers Characterize Chemical Structure of HIV Capsid 
Bio-IT World | Today researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign have announced the discovery of the chemical structure of the capsid for the HIV virus. The discovery was facilitated by the Blue Waters supercomputer system at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), and is published this week in Nature. Read More 
Transforming Your Business Defined 
Bio-IT World | Guest Commentary | Transform your business before it’s transformed for you. These words convey a hard truth about modern business—external forces are rapidly conspiring to unravel even the best-laid plans. From geopolitical and economic macro trends to global threats to health and the environment, business change is now maddeningly unpredictable and capricious. Absent a proactive plan to address these new business realities, some businesses are in for challenging futures. Read More 
The Data Copy Issue 
Computerworld | Not only do we have a lot of data, we have many copies of the same data. Created for backup, or research, or sharing, all that duplication is getting out of hand, analysts say. Read More 
Microsoft CIO Leaves Company 
Computerworld | Microsoft CIO Tony Scott has left the company. The news was circulating thanks to Scott's LinkedIn profile and the company's senior leader webpage before Microsoft released an announcement. Read More 
Amazon Releases API for Google, Facebook Sign-In 
Computerworld | Amazon Web Services is integrating its login process with Amazon.com, Facebook and Google. Amazon calls the concept web identity federation, and released a new AWS Security Token Service (STS) API to simplify the development process. Read More 
Valeant Pharma Buys Bausch & Lomb 
New York Times Dealbook | Valeant Pharmaceuticals International of Canada has purchased Bausch & Lomb, the eye care company, for about $8.7 billion. Read More