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Genomics and the Healthcare Revolution 
Bio-IT World | SINGAPORE—At the recent 2013 Bio-IT World Asia conference, scientists and clinicians discussed how they could better coordinate their efforts in clinical genomics and “make genomic information usable in the clinic”. Read More 
Hunting Down Culprit Genes 
Bio-IT World | SINGAPORE—At the 2013 Bio-IT World Asia conference, Professor Paul Tam described his efforts to investigate the genetic causes of rare congenital diseases, because, “any further improvement on existing medical treatment is hampered by the lack of basic understanding of how diseases arise.” Read More 
GeneInsight: Genetic Knowledge to Action 
Bio-IT World | Today’s biotech grail is surely genomics in the clinic—using sequencing to inform care, treatment, and disease prevention. Implementation is easier said than done, but Partners Healthcare has been doing it since 2005. Its GeneInsight suite of applications was awarded the 2013 Bio-IT World Best Practices Editors’ Prize.  Read More 
Searching for Gold: GSK’s New Search Program that Saved Them Millions 
Bio-IT World Best Practices | In 2011, the leadership in the GlaxoSmithKline’s R&D department made a troubling realization: their scientists were having a tough time finding their data. R&D engineers set about building a new search program that could search through the company’s archived electronic lab notebooks and recognize a vast library of scientific terms. The program’s capabilities earned GSK the 2013 Best Practices Award for Knowledge Management at the Bio-IT World Expo in April. Read More 
Dell Launches Clinical Genomics Infrastructure 
Bio-IT World | Dell announced today the Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences, an infrastructure system optimized for genomic research to begin shipping in July. Read More 
The Changing Role of CIO 
Datanami | Keith Collins, CTO of SAS, believes the era of big analytics is upon us, and it has big implications for the way organizations run their businesses, and how CIOs function. Read More 
Oxford Nanopore, Illumina Set Partnership End Date 
U-T San Diego | Oxford Nanopore and Illumina's partnership will end in 2016, according to Oxford's annual report. The firm end date, "adds clarity" to relationship. Read More 
Red Hat Releases Supported Software Collection 
Computerworld | Red Hat has released Software Collections 1.0 in beta, to give developers support while working with newer versions of Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl. Read More 
The Data Center Question 
ReadWrite | Can Zynga's recent 18% layoffs be blamed on their data center? Maybe not exactly, but the online gaming company is an interesting case study in the value--and risks--of owning your own data center. Read More 
Global Genome Sharing Alliance Launched 
Nature News | A consortium of 69 institutions in 13 countries plans to work to enable the free flow of information in genomic medicine by developing standards and policies to encourage data-sharing of a person’s DNA sequence combined with clinical information. Read More