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May-June News BriefsBio-IT World | News briefs and products from around the industry, including a clinical testing agreement in China, donated ALS data, an NGS developer program, a new high performance storage solution, and more. Read More 


Oracle's SAP ResponseComputerworld | Oracle's Larry Ellison is a step ahead of the game. Oracle hasn't released it's 12c database yet, but speaking on a quarterly earnings call last week, Ellison plugged database 12.1c as the most direct competitor to SAP's HANA in-memory platform. Read More

Obama vs the Drug IndustryBio-IT World Roundup | Earlier this week, a Forbes commentary by John Osborn outlined what the Obama administration "really thinks" about the biopharmaceutical industry. It's not flattering. Read More

Cloud's False FlexibilityComputerworld | CIOs of big companies were bemoaning the cloud's lack of flexibility at the GigsOm Structure conference yesterday. Read More

$1000 Debates: the Cost of the GenomeUT San Diego | The debate about the cost of sequencing rises again. PeerJ, a new journal, made a marketing statement mentioning a $99 genome. The comment set off Mick Watson, a genomicist, bioinformatician, and blogger. Read More

ARM Announces Server ProcessorReadWrite | AMD has announced its "Seattle" ARM processor for a late 2014 launch. The processor will be built specifically for servers; each chip will include a server's worth of hardware, but not storage.  Read More

Gene Patent Ruling 'Confusing' Says International CommentatorThe Guardian | Many in the US applauded the Supreme Court's decision to rule against Myriad and gene patents. But internationally, pundits call the decision "confusing". Read More