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An Appliance Built Exclusively for Galaxy
Bio-IT World | Galaxy, the well-loved open source tool for data-intensive biomedical research, is getting some new gear. At the Galaxy User Group meeting in Oslo, Norway, BioTeam announced a new hardware appliance specifically for Galaxy:  the SlipStream Appliance: Galaxy Edition. According to the agreement with the Galaxy Project, for the next two years BioTeam will be the exclusive appliance vendor for Galaxy. Read More 


EMC Acquires Sitrof TechnologiesCMS Wire | EMC has acquired Sitrof Technologies, a document management consultancy, to meet demand for EMC's Information Intelligence Group's new Life Sciences solutions. Read More 

Public DNA, Private IdentityChemical & Engineering News | In a "found DNA" project, Heather Dewey-Hagborg is sequencing the DNA she finds around her--fallen strands of hair, discarded chewing gum--and using it to create images, and then sculptures of the owners' faces. Read More 

Jonathan Rothberg Leaves Life Technologies, Ion TorrentNASDAQ | Jonathan Rothberg has resigned from Life Technologies, amid Life's attempted $13.6 billion merger with Thermo Fisher Scientific. Read More 

Rienhoff Identifies Daughter's MutationNature News | Hugh Rienhoff's quest seems to be ending. For the past ten years, Rienhoff has been scouring the genome of his daughter, Bea. He's had candidates before, but now he's identified a mutation that isn't connected to any other disease and appears to cause Bea's symptoms. Read More

Patients Volunteer to Share Genetic Data for ResearchSlate | In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling on gene patents, patients are banding together to share the data that Myriad Genetics has collected over the years. Read More
CIA Chooses Amazon Cloud Over Cheaper BidsInformationWeek | In a bid for the CIA's Cloud business, Amazon wins--but not with the lowest price. IBM's bid came in lower than Amazon, but the CIA still chose AWS. Read More