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Code Mapping: Bringing Clarity to the CPT ConundrumBio-IT World | The challenges associated with CPT codes and new genomic diagnostics are well known to researchers, and the American Medical Association and McKesson say they are taking steps to simplify the process. Earlier this year, the American Medical Association and McKesson launched an agreement they hope will “bring transparency and clarity” to the CPT challenges: they are taking a series of McKesson codes—Z-Code Identifiers—and mapping the Z-Codes to existing CPT codes. Read More 

AstraZeneca Licenses Optibrium StarDropBio-IT World Brief | AstraZeneca has licensed Optibrium’s StarDrop software globally for its researchers. The license covers StarDrop and the ADME-QSAR and Auto-Modeller modules. Read More


Clinical Count: Partners Healthcare, Baylor, Others Offer Exome SequencingSFARI | Several clinics--both academic and companies--are routinely doing exome sequencing for less than $10,000. Last week Partners Healthcare announced whole-genome sequencing for $9,000 each. Read More

Baby Born After Next Gen Screening During IVFThe Guardian | An IVF clinic in New Jersey that has been using Ion Torrent sequencing to screen embryos for genetic abnormalities has announce the first birth following the screening process. Read More

UK Launches Genomics EnglandGuardian | The health secretary of the UK announced the launch of Genomics England last week. The new government organization will "oversee the creation of a genomic revolution in healthcare." Read More

CERN Chooses Rackspace to Build Hybrid CloudAll Things D | CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics and the lab that invented the internet 20 years ago, is venturing into the Cloud. The lab has chosen Rackspace to build a hybrid cloud environment. Read More

Onyx Pharma Could Draw $180 Per ShareForbes | Over the weekend, Onyx Pharmaceuticals stirred up speculation over a buyout. Amgen reportedly offered $120/share, and Onyx responded by issuing a call for other suitors. Read More