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As IBM Approaches the Petaflop, Attention Turns to Exascale Computing

More Sophisticated Cyberattacks the Norm 
Other Bio-IT Stories of Interest 

As IBM Approaches the Petaflop, Attention Turns to Exascale Computing
By Salvatore Salamone

For years, technology developed to meet the computing requirements of Sandia, Oak Ridge, and other national laboratories has pushed the high-performance computing (HPC) envelope and spurred innovation in a broad range of scientific research areas. In fact, over the years much of the technology developed for the labs has been rapidly incorporated into commercial systems used to advance life science research.

Keeping that tradition alive, Sandia and Oak Ridge this month launched the new Institute for Advanced Architectures, a joint initiative for the development of a next-generation HPC system dubbed an exascale computer.

"An exascale computer is essential to perform more accurate simulations that, in turn, support solutions for emerging science and engineering challenges in national defense, energy assurance, advanced materials, climate, and medicine," said James Peery, director of the Computation, Computers, Information, and Mathematics Center at Sandia. Read more.


More Sophisticated Cyberattacks the Norm
By Salvatore Salamone

Earlier this month, IBM released the 2007 X-Force Security report, a comprehensive summary of system vulnerabilities and hacker exploits impacting computer security.

Unfortunately for IT departments and organizations that want to protect their data, the report finds a rise in the sophistication of attacks on Web browsers by criminals.

In particular, 2007 saw a huge jump in the use of camouflaging techniques to hide attacks in order to avoid detection by security software. In the first half of 2007, half of all attackers used some form of camouflage, and by the end of the year nearly 100 percent of attackers did so. In contrast, only a small percent employed these techniques in 2006.

The reason for the growth was the wider availability of tools being made available by underground (criminal) brokers. Read more.


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SGI announced the acquisition of the core assets of the high-performance computing cluster company Linux Networx. The deal covers key Linux Networx software, patents, technology, and expertise. SGI will use the technology to fuel growth. "This represents the first of such key technology acquisitions and will help further the development of our software environment and support for our clustered systems," said Bo Ewald, SGI CEO. For example, the acquisition includes software and patents in cluster design, power and cooling, and cluster optimization. SGI also announced that Oak Investment Partners and Lehman Brothers provided additional financing to the company to help speed its growth.

EMC unveiled its software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy and released MozyEnterprise, an online backup service for desktops, laptops, and remote Windows servers. The service automates secure online backup and recovery over the Internet providing off-site data protection. To ensure the security of the data in transit and while it sits on the hosted servers, EMC leverages enhanced security solutions from RSA, the Security Division of EMC. These security solutions provide key management, authentication, and authorization. MozyEnterprise is available in North American now. EMC plans to offer the service to partners and customers outside North America later this year. For laptops and desktop computers, the service costs $5.25 per month per desktop/laptop plus $0.70 per month per gigabyte of data protected. For Windows Servers, the service costs $9.25 per month per supported server plus $2.35 per month per gigabyte of data protected

Late last month, Juniper Networks entered the enterprise high-performance switch market with the introduction of three lines of EX-series Ethernet switches. The fixed-configuration, 24- or 48-port EX 3200 series supports 10/100/1000BASE-T connectivity and includes optional full and partial Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and four-port GbE and two-port 10GbE uplink modules. The EX 4200 series are modular, stackable switches. They offer similar connectivity features as the EX 3200 plus a 24-port fiber switch offering 100/1000BASE-X support. Up to 10 EX 4200 series can be linked using a 128-Gbps backplane. And the EX 8200 series includes an eight-slot 1.6 Terabit Chassis and a 16-slot 3.2 terabit chassis, optional GbE and 10GbE uplink modules, plus a 24-port fiber switch offering 100/1000BASE-X support. The EX 3200 and EX 4200 series switches are expected to be available in March 2008. The EX 8200 series is expected to be available in the second half of 2008.



Unilever - Mathematical Modeller (Research Scientist)
The ability to work in multidisciplinary teams alongside biologists, chemists and statisticians plus enthusiasm for learning new science is critical for the role.   For a complete job description and to apply, please visit:

Intrexon Corporation - Software Developer
The software developer will work in a close-knit team to build, develop and deploy advanced bioinformatics systems in concurrence with advancements in our gene-based technologies.  For a full description and application:

GNS Biotech - Software Engineer, User Interfaces and Visualization
Candidate will work closely with the internal applications team and external customers to design and develop novel visualization approaches for ensembles of biological networks and to integrate GNS solutions with existing visualization tools.

GNS Biotech - Software Engineer, Platform Development
Candidate will work closely with the algorithm development team to add newly developed algorithms into the production platform and the biological applications team to define and implement new functional requirements for the platform.

GNS Biotech - Computational Scientist, Biological Applications 
Candidates must have a combination of experience in the following areas: bioinformatics, microarray data analysis, algorithm development, statistics, machine learning, and network inference or reverse engineering methods.

GNS Biotech - Computational Scientist, Discovery Biology 
Candidate will reverse engineer models from large coherent data sets.  In addition, candidate will complete genome-wide association analysis of disease and drug-response and develop methods to deal with population genetic structure, pedigrees, missing data and computational scaling.

Software Engineer, Bioinformatician-  - ISB - Job #07-052
The Institute for Systems Biology's (ISB) Computational Core seeks qualified candidates to join its growing bioinformatics team.  For a full description and application instructions, please visit  ISB is an M/F/D/EOE.

Bio-Informatics Scientist -Van Andel Institute - 
Qualified candidates will have Ph.D. in molecular biology or related discipline.  Two years post-doctoral training and experience in bioinformatics analysis of high throughput biological datasets.


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The First International Workshop on Label-free biosensing  April  8-9, 2008,  Enschede, The Netherlands , 

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BioInformatics Asia 2008, April 14-17, Singapore,

The Post-Approval Summit  May 14-15, 2008, The Conference Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 

The 1st Symposium on Protein Tomography -- May 1, 2008, Boston, MA

Med-e-Tel, The International Educational and Networking Forum for eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT, 16-18 April in Luxembourg. 

TEPR 2008 -- May 17-21, 2008 Ft. Lauderdale,FL 

Laboratory Informatics -- March 25-April 3, 2008, San Francisco CA.

Lean Six Sigma for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Excellence -- February 25-27, 2008, Philadelphia, PA.

Best Practices Awards Program -- April 29, 2008, Boston, MA 

MIT Professional Institute - 2008 Short Courses, Cambridge,MA 

GOT Summit: Getting Optimized Tools for Diagnostics - May 19-21, 2008, Boston,MA


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How Effective Document Management Can Help Accelerate Time to Market

How Effective Document Management Can Help Accelerate Time to Market In the drug development process, time is indeed money. So it only makes sense to try to reduce delays in every phase of the process and speed up time to market. But how and where do you begin to save time? This white paper suggests that you start with the most basic activity-document management. This white paper discusses how effective document management can accelerate time to market 
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