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Merck Execs See "Sage" as Key Ingredient for Disease Biology 
Tenenbaum Urges Collaboration To Treat the Long Tail of Disease 
Franklin Informatics Award Nominees Announced 
Cellumen: Chasing Cellular Systems Biology 
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2009 Molecular Med Tri-Conference Highlights

Merck Execs See "Sage" as Key Ingredient for Disease Biology

By Kevin Davies

SAN FRANCISCO -- Merck scientists and executives Stephen Friend and Eric Schadt (right) unveiled their plans for Sage, an open-access platform for sharing and disseminating complex data representing disease biology, in a major announcement at CHI's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference last week. More.

Jay Tenenbaum Urges Collaboration To Treat the Long Tail of Disease
By Kevin Davies

SAN FRANCISCO-In the powerful opening keynote at CHI's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference on Wednesday, Jay "Marty" Tenenbaum, founder and chairman of CollabRx, urged members of the life sciences community to share their resources to empower personalized research and help satisfy the unmet medical needs of the "long tail" of disease. "As a patient, I want to tap all of the world's knowledge and all of the world's resources into curing my disease," Tenenbaum said. More.


Franklin Award Nominees Announced

The Bioinformatics Organization ( has announced the names of the six nominees for the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Award. The winner will be presented with the award and deliver a lecture at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, on Tuesday, April 28. More.


Top Story Last Issue
Cellumen: Chasing Cellular Systems Biology

By John Russell

Founded in 2004 and based in Pittsburgh, Cellumen is one of a small but growing number of biotechs working to use high content screening in cell-based assays to identify promising drug candidates and to red-flag troublesome tox-causing compounds. Better reagents, less expensive and improved scanners, advancing informatics and human cell handling techniques are all propelling the community forward. More.


Short News & Analysis

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Critical Path Director Rachel Behrman Provides Update
FDA's four-year-old Critical Path Initiative (CPI) may not be the transformational force many hoped, but it's pushing forward steadily. In 2008 congressional funding for CPI supported a total of 46 different Agency-wide research projects..

Ohio Supercomputer Center to Boost Bioscience Activity
The Ohio Supercomputer Center is undergoing a $4 million expansion that will double computing power and increase the Center's capacity dedicated to Ohio's bioscience..

Stocks Dip for Most Tool Companies; Nine Buck the Trend
Stocks of most of the 38 firms that comprise the GenomeWeb Daily News Index fell during the month of February, mirroring a drop for the tech-heavy Nasdaq market..

Genstruct, Gene Logic Strike Tox Collaboration
Gene Logic will provide toxicology databases and data on specific compounds on which Genstruct will apply its Causal Network Modeling platform. More joint offerings may follow..

Call it Science 2.0 or Science Without Borders 
India's Department of Science and Technology (DST) has devised a plan to tackle the lack of adequate research into drugs for key diseases amounts to just that..

GenoLogics Completes $5M Financing 
The latest round was led by OVP Venture Partners of Seattle with support from Growth Works and Yaletown Venture Partners of Vancouver..

Gilman Joins GNS Board
Gene Network Sciences named Michael Gilman, founder and CEO of Stromedix, Inc. and former EVP of research at Biogen Idec, to its Board of Directors..

Genedata Expands Syngenta Collaboration
Syngenta added the Genedata Expressionist Refiner MS module for LC-MS and GC-MS metabolomic raw data processing and analysis to its..

IO Informatics Adds to PM Working Group
Joining the group are Kathy Gibson (Helios Consulting), Uwe Christians (University of Colorado and Eurofins Medinet Denver), Herb Fritsche..

BI Licenses Genomatix Next Gen Analysis Tools
Boehringer Ingelheim installed a Genomatix Mining Station (GMS) and a Genomatix Genome Analyzer (GGA) at its Pharma Research Center..

Biodesix Chooses Sapio LIMS
Sapio Sciences reports Biodesix has selected its Exemplar LIMS..

New Computational Method for Predicting PTMs
Daniel Schwartz of George Church's laboratory at Harvard Medical School reports a novel approach to predicting post-translational modifications (PTM) which cannot ordinarily be identified by mass spec methods..

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Editorial Highlights

Here in the Boston area we're pretty much sick of winter. In that vein, Predictive Biomedicine has what's shaping up to be a solid spring editorial line-up.

Farthest along is work on an in-depth article examining Novartis' successful and growing simulation and modeling effort. It's led by Don Stanski, VP and Global Head of Modeling and Simulation. He's a physician, researcher, and biostatistician with stints in industry (Pharsight and now Novartis), academia (Stanford), and the FDA just to cite a few. Don and several members of his team spent the better part of a day talking with Kevin Davies, Bio-IT World's editor-in-chief, and me about their efforts.

Less far along, but also on the docket, is an article looking at FDA’s evolving efforts around modeling and its end-of-phase IIA meetings program. It's also time to review the four-year-old Critical Path Initiative and look at what's working, what could be better, and what the next steps should be. There have also been some conversations about a piece on computational modeling being used in stem cell research -- this is something I know nothing about (yet).

These are just a few highlights of what's planned. Of course we welcome other ideas for articles and please send them to me at .


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NEW! Life Science Webcasts from Bio-IT World and Cambridge Healthtech Media Group

Life Science Webcasts 

Modeling Caloric Restriction
Using their causal network modeling (CNM) platform, Renee Kenney and her team at Genstruct helped Sirtris Pharmaceuticals model how two of their SIRT1 compounds worked and show that one compound in particular is much more potent at mimicking caloric restriction than resveratrol, an active ingredient in red wine.
 View the webcast.

Paul Bleicher, Looking Back at Phase Forward
After founding Phase Forward more than a decade ago and serving as Chairman until late last year, Paul Bleicher has had a prime perch from which to observe and drive change in the e-clinical industry. In this exclusive Life Sciences TV Webcast to mark his decision to step down as Chairman last last year, Bleicher looks back with Bio-IT World Editor Kevin Davies on a decade of achievement and hints at his next venture in the health care arena.
 View the webcast.

Exploring Next-Generation Sequencing
Bio-IT World Editor-in-Chief Kevin Davies interviews BGI’s Laurie Goodman on the sequencing of the first Asian genome.
 View the webcast.


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