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  Gentris Charts Expansion Plans 
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Tools now available for drug and molecular discovery from sequence through lead optimization 

Computational chemists and molecular modelers can now produce and optimize lead candidates,save time in processes,smooth and simplify workflows, and accelerate the pace of discovery.  With newly available tools. If you can think of an experiment, you do can do it Click to learn more . 


Gentris Charts Expansion Plans
By John Russell 

Founded in 2001, the original business model was to offer assay and assay development services and to evaluate new assays for diagnostics. By 2007, when original investors were seeking an exit strategy, the services and diagnostics had become quite distinct. Read more 


Special Report: 2009 Highlights 

IT & Consulting
Tessella Pursues Lofty Ambitions 
Long known for its scientific software delivery expertise and technical staffing capability, Tessella is mounting a push to climb higher up the consultancy ladder. More.

Accelrys' Success Formula: Strength and Scope
Founded in 2001 as the amalgam of five companies*, Accelrys leveraged its early strength in cheminformatics to build an expanding footprint across many industries. No doubt the horizontal reach helped it survive while others foundered in the choppy water of bioinformatics. More.

Bio-repository & Omics 
Gene Logic Likes its New Trajectory 
If there is a genomics services boom coming - and Gene Logic and its India-based parent Ocimum Biosolutions are counting on it - few pairings seem better poised to take advantage of swelling demand. More.

Metabolon Pushes Metabolomics Boundaries 

Quality data generation is a solved problem, says John Ryals, CEO of metabolomics pioneer Metabolon. Data interpretation is the challenge now and no one handles it better than Metabolon, he contends. More.

Genomics Services
Beckman Prepares for Services Gold Rush 

Like many others, Beckman Coulter is betting the mainstreaming of genomics-based research and the future growth of personalized medicine will create a large, robust market for genomics services.



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Symyx Releases Notebook 6.4 | The latest release has improved support for method development, validation, and execution in regulated and non-regulated analytical labs.

Podcast - Evaluating Translational Medicine  | Kevin Davies, Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT talks with Tessella principal consultant Dr Andrew Chadwick about the promise and perils of translational medicine.

Illumina Launches High-Density Bovine BeadChip |The new chip contains data from more than 20 diverse breeds.

Horizon Discovery Forms New Subsidiary | The new subsidiary, Horizon Dx (HDx) will support the development, approval and sale of companion diagnostic products initially in the field of cancer.

Agilent Tech., Covaris Announce Co-marketing Deal | As part of the co-marketing agreement, Covaris has developed a special SureSelect Accessory Kit to help customers integrate the technology into their workflows.

GeneGo to Sell Omicsoft Products | GeneGo will sell Omicsoft's Array Studio and Array Server globally except for Japan. Array Studio is a software package which provides state of the art statistics and visualization.

Pharsight CRADA Delivers Tools | Phoenix NLME and Phoenix Connect were developed via a collaborative CRADA with FDA.

Accelrys Hires New CFO & CMO | Michael Piraino joins the company as SVP and Chief Financial Officer while Paul J. Burrin assumes the position of SVP and Chief Marketing Officer.

Thomson Reuters Plans Profiles of Research Institutions | Thomson Reuters has begun working on what it calls the Global Institutional Profiles Project.
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Leveraging Cloud-Computing and Semantic Web Technologies
Find out how Daniel Crichton, an informatics investigator from Jet Propulsion Laboratories, used semantic web technology to build a world-class informatics infrastructure enabling biomedical research focused on the discovery and validation of cancer biomarkers while allowing investigators to share the scientific results and data.
Discover how GenoLogics and JPL are working together to provide a cutting-edge translational research solution incorporating JPL's semantic web technologies and GenoLogics' cloud-computing technology. Learn how it's all tied to a large-scale multi-site cancer research project. Listen to the podcast .

The Key to Life Sciences Data Management: 
Transparent Migration Life sciences organizations face new data management challenges as the volume of research data grows and more data is kept online for longer times. 
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Protect Your Scientific Intellectual Property: Proof of Lab Informatics Data Authenticity is Your Best Legal Defense
As a bio-technology or life sciences organization, your formulas, treatments and research and discoveries are the "lifeblood" of your business. But if you aren't protecting the integrity of your scientific data in your lab informatics systems, you risk losing IP ownership, revenue and consequently your business if you can't prove time-of-creation and data authenticity. Learn how you can implement simple, cost-effective and automated controls to protect your scientific intellectual property. Download Whitepaper 

Next-Generation Clinical Trial and Data Management Applications 
This webinar introduces i3Cube - a web-based, fully integrated, clinical trial and data management system built on Adobe's LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite.  I3 cube provides end-to-end automation that delivers unprecedented visibility into information that sponsors need to accelerate the study process and complete trials efficiently. Viewers will learn more about:
• Creating faster and more efficient trial processes
• Reducing investigator burden
• Real-time sponsor transparency into study information
• Enterprise solutions based on Adobe LiveCycle® ES utilizing cross-platform clients of Reader, Flash and AIR

Download now. 



Insight Pharma Reports 

Outsourcing Preclinical Studies to China: Benefits and Challenges 

Author:Eric Meyers, MBA 

Within the past several years, a number of government labs as well as private and joint venture CRO's have or will soon offer preclinical GLP study services to Western clients. This report, built on discussions and facility visits to the most advanced labs, provides a detailed view of the current and evolving preclinical study capabilities in China, their structures and services, as well as an analysis of the comparative costs between US and China-based CRO's.  Read more.

Industry Trends 
A Market Model for EDC in Clinical Trials 
By Mark P. Mathieu 
EDC vendors are positioned to benefit from the broad trend across the pharmaceutical industry to redesign the way drugs are discovered and tested.   As clinical trials have grown in size, complexity, and geographic reach, the inefficiency of using multiple processes to collect data has been magnified. Read more. 



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To have your product or service featured here, contact Lynn Cloonan   for more information. 

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