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  HTG Sets Sights on the FFPE Treasure Chest 
  Gentris Charts Expansion Plans 
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Request For Proposal:  S09-204 caTissue 1.2 Adopters

SAIC-Frederick, Inc., in support of the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) Program, is requesting proposals for caTissue 1.2 Adopters. The Request for Proposal may be downloaded from All proposals must be received by 4:00 p.m. (EST) on February 19, 2010.  Please see Section L: Instructions, Conditions, and Notices to Offerors for Proposal Preparation Instructions.

The main objective of this project is to promote further adoption of caTissue Suite, encouraging data sharing on tissue specimen collections, facilitating tissue sampling distributions and enhancing collaboration among researchers and clinicians regarding tissue samples and related information. The primary focus of this release will improve interoperability with other caBIG products; integrate with assay systems like caArray, caBIG Clinical Trials Suite (CCTS), NCI Enterprise Services (NES), and the Biospecimen Research Database; improve interoperability by implementing the Common Biorepository Model (CMB); improve grid compatibility, quality, performance and scalability by re-factoring and re-architecting the existing system.

Pgx Services 
HTG Sets Sights on the FFPE Treasure Chest 

By John Russell 

Locked up in the vast quantity of FFPE tissue collected over the years is a treasure trove of genomic information about patients. Now, High Throughput Genomics (HTG), a small company based in Tucson, believes it has the key to unlock that bulging treasure chest and to catapult itself into prominence as a company offering pharmacogenomics (Pgx) and diagnostic services and products.

Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue is notoriously tricky to deal with when attempting to extract RNA. The required preprocessing - cDNA synthesis and RNA amplification, for example - generally degrades the sample and the signal. HTG sidesteps these problems altogether with a process it calls, quantitative nuclease protection assay or qPNA (technology backgrounder link). Just slice off a piece of the sample, put it in a well, and run the assay
. Read more 


Gentris Charts Expansion Plans 

[UPDATED] Profitable now and poised for steady growth, Gentris's 2010 roadmap includes growing its mainstay bio-repository and pharmacogenomics (PGx) services, exploring a next-generation sequencing platform, and more active pursuit of IP. Its name has also changed, but not so you'd notice much. Read more 



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GeneGo Receives SBIR | The pathway tool and database supplier was awarded a $336K Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for creating a novel type of predictive signatures for drug resistance. GeneGo will develop "regulation signatures."

Illumina Introduces Analyzer IIe | Genome AnalyzerIIe sequencing system is designed to provide a lower-priced entry point into next-generation sequencing. Priced at $250,000 USD, the new system leverages the architecture of Illumina's widely-adopted Genome AnalyzerIIx and its proven sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry to generate approximately 200 million paired-end reads and 20Gb of data per run at launch.

Ambry Genetics Introduces New 'StemArray' |  The 44K array offers increased coverage in known stem cell and cancer associated genes to further enhance the resolution in these functionally important regions. 
 Using the StemArrayâ„¢ scientists will not only detect the extremely large copy number changes that can be found by karyotype, but also identify very small aberrations that occur during culture.

Fluidigm Partners with IntegraGen | Fluidigm, a developer of integrated 'fluidic circuits' (IFCs), has joined with IntegraGen SA, a provider of genetic research testing services, to bring IFC technology to French researchers.

Biovista Strikes FDA Deal | Biovista reports FDA has licensed its technology platform to help analyze, identify, and better understand the way certain drugs can cause harmful side effects. The FDA's Office of Clinical Pharmacology, within CDER will test the use of Biovista's Adverse Event Analysis (AEA) technology. 

The Key to Life Sciences Data Management: 
Transparent Migration Life sciences organizations face new data management challenges as the volume of research data grows and more data is kept online for longer times. 
 Download Whitepaper 

Next-Generation Clinical Trial and Data Management Applications 
This webinar introduces i3Cube - a web-based, fully integrated, clinical trial and data management system built on Adobe's LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite.  I3 cube provides end-to-end automation that delivers unprecedented visibility into information that sponsors need to accelerate the study process and complete trials efficiently. Viewers will learn more about:
• Creating faster and more efficient trial processes
• Reducing investigator burden
• Real-time sponsor transparency into study information
• Enterprise solutions based on Adobe LiveCycle® ES utilizing cross-platform clients of Reader, Flash and AIR

Watch the webcast 

Innovative tool allows Merging & Analyzing  Disparate Data for effective compound prioritization decisions 

Progressive new software has been released that enables discovery scientists to rapidly merge chemical and biological data together for effective compound prioritization decisions and communication among scientific team members.  Learn more by downloading this brief podcast: 

  • Save time 
  • Get the full view of your data 
  • Easily find compounds that meet multiple success criteria 

    Listen to the podcast 


Insight Pharma Reports 

Outsourcing Preclinical Studies to China: Benefits and Challenges 

Author:Eric Meyers, MBA 

Within the past several years, a number of government labs as well as private and joint venture CRO's have or will soon offer preclinical GLP study services to Western clients. This report, built on discussions and facility visits to the most advanced labs, provides a detailed view of the current and evolving preclinical study capabilities in China, their structures and services, as well as an analysis of the comparative costs between US and China-based CRO's.  Read more.

Industry Trends 
A Market Model for EDC in Clinical Trials 
By Mark P. Mathieu 
EDC vendors are positioned to benefit from the broad trend across the pharmaceutical industry to redesign the way drugs are discovered and tested.   As clinical trials have grown in size, complexity, and geographic reach, the inefficiency of using multiple processes to collect data has been magnified. Read more. 



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To have your product or service featured here, contact Lynn Cloonan for more information. 

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