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IT Infrastructure in the Life Sciences: Trends and Statistics
Sponsored by Avere Systems
A recent survey conducted by Cambridge Healthtech Institute of 100 professionals responsible for storage infrastructure in scientific organizations indicated which issues were most challenging and the technologies being evaluated to keep pace with quickly changing research demands. Big-promise solutions like cloud and associated data movement and adoption concerns were shown to be top-of-mind within the community. In this podcast, BioTeam’s Chris Dagdigian joins Avere System’s Jeff Tabor to not only discuss the survey results, but also to apply field examples of how the gap between IT budgets and research demands is being addressed.
Big Science, Biomedicine, & Cyberinfrastructure
Sponsored by EMC Isilon
The exponential decline in the cost of next generation sequencing is making it possible to discover rare genetic variants that explain uncommon childhood diseases and cancer. To detect these rare variants requires the aggregation and analysis of genomics and clinical data at scale. Consequently the need to manage and to compute biomedical data at scale is driving the dramatic rethinking and re-architecting of IT infrastructures. To jump start its rethinking, the biomedical research community has an opportunity to take advantage of the US national cyberinfrastructure, a resource heavily leveraged by the high energy physics, astronomy, and climatology disciplines. During this podcast, EMC Isilon and Ian T. Foster from the Computation Institute discuss the opportunities for using the US cyberinfrastructure for biomedical research.
Mendals Pod Podcast
A Revolution in Data Gathering: John Wilbanks
Sponsored by mendelspod

Guest: John Wilbanks, Senior Fellow , The Kauffman Foundation Bio and Contact Info 

Listen (7:31) Disconnect between informed consent and digital technology

 Listen (9:26) Consent to Research Project

 Listen (5:59) Who will be the early volunteers to share their data?

 Listen (11:46) Access2Research petition at White House-now what?

 Listen (3:59) Can you describe the nature of the legal threats you've received?

 Listen (3:33) Would you donate your child's data to research?

 Listen (4:23) Data gathering undergoing a revolution

"I like making it easier to share things," says John Wilbanks, a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation. Also a member of the Board of Directors for Sage Bionetworks, Wilbanks has been involved in numerous projects having to do with opening up important content and data. Now he runs the Consent to Research Project where he is designing systems that allow people to donate their research to data. Wilbanks discusses the disconnect that is emerging between informed consent and the realities of the digital revolution. In this comprehensive interview he talks about the Access2Research petition he recently spearheaded to extend the NIH's open access policy to the other federal agencies.

Why does John like making it easier to share things? Hear about his past and find out his thoughts on data gathering in the future.

Barnett podcasts
Exclusive podcast with Mark Mathieu
Sponsored by Barnett Educational Services
The PAREXEL Biopharmaceutical R&D Statistical Sourcebook is the industry’s leading resource for statistics, trends, and proprietary market intelligence and analysis on the biopharmaceutical industry. Supported by thousands of graphs, illustrations, and analyses, the Sourcebook provides the latest intelligence on every aspect of biopharmaceutical development – from product discovery, to R&D performance and productivity, to time-to-market analysis. Mark Mathieu is the Editor of the Sourcebook, and director of strategic research at PAREXEL Consulting. In this interview, he discusses the emerging metrics and benchmarks on the current state and direction of today’s biopharm industry, industry activity in clinical development, metrics by therapeutic area, and clinical trials in emerging markets.
Bio-IT Cloud Summit
Open Flow Tackles Network Automation and Programmability for Cloud Implementations
Sponsored by Bio-IT World
Speaker: Isabelle Guis, Vice President, Outbound Marketing, Big Switch Networks

Learn more about this topic at the Bio-IT Cloud Summit, September 11-13, 2012 in San Francisco
Bio-IT Cloud Summit
Folding in The Cloud
Distributed Computing Project
Sponsored by Bio-IT World
Interview with:
Vijay Pande, Ph.D., Professor, Chemistry, Structural Biology, Computer Science; Director, Biophysics Program; Director, Folding@home 

Learn more about this topic at the Bio-IT Cloud Summit, September 11-13, 2012 in San Francisco
Bio-IT Cloud Summit
Life in the Fast Lane - Genomes Race to the Cloud
Sponsored by Bio-IT World
Interviews with: 
Michael Sullivan, M.D., Associate Director, Health Sciences, Internet2
Stephen Simms, Manager, High Performance File Systems, Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute

Learn more about this topic at the Bio-IT Cloud Summit, September 11-13, 2012 in San Francisco 
Beyond Sequencing
Challenges Inherent in Designing and Analyzing Experiments Using NGS
Sponsored by Beyond Sequencing
Speaker: Ghia Euskirchen, Ph.D., Director of DNA Sequencing Program, Center for Genomics & Personalized Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine 
Cloud Computing, Genomic Data Analysis and Clinical Validation
Sponsored by Bio-IT Conference and Expo
Benjamin Breton, Bioinformatics Software Engineer, Good Start Genetics
R. Mark Adams, Ph.D., CIO, Good Start Genetics  

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