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New MOAB-2 based Aβ Oligomeric ELISA kit

A new and highly specific monoclonal antibody based ELISA for the detection of oligomeric Aβ42 in CSF, cell supernatants, and tissue extracts

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - Mar 4, 2014 - Biosensis is proud to announce the release of its exclusive Oligomeric Amyloid beta (oAβ) ELISA built upon the anti-amyloid beta monoclonal MOAB-2.

Aβ Oligomeric ELISA kit (Catalog No: BEK-2215-2P)

  • This is the first oligomeric amyloid beta ELISA to take advantage of MOAB-2's high specificity and avidity for beta amyloid peptides.
  • Biosensis' oligomeric amyloid beta ELISA kit allows for the detection of amyloid beta oligomers and complexes present in mouse and human CSF and brain tissue extracts.
  • Great dynamic range!
  • Superb low end sensitivity!
  • Validated by Literature!

Coming soon: MOAB-2 based Aβ/APOE & Aβ/APOJ complex ELISAs ONLY from Biosensis.

Seewww.biosensis.comfor more details.

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